An Interview With Lana Prit (An Artist)

Why are you an artist?

LP: For me, painting is something like a tool to learn the world around us. When you are going to paint something, you begin to perceive the environment in another way. You notice the details you would otherwise never notice.

Is painting your profession or hobby?

LP: Painting has never been my profession. What is more, I doubt whether I could ever enjoy painting as a profession. I am convinced that only inspiration makes an artist achieve the best results. Therefore, I don’t think that I could work on an artwork hours on end, day and night long. Instead, I begin to paint when I really want to. On the other hand, I think I would appreciate the opportunity to work as an illustrator for children’s books. I have already made illustrations for a new edition of Mary Poppins for my friends’ publishing house, and it was unsurpassed pleasure.

How did you become an artist?

LP: I’ve been fond of drawing and painting since early childhood. As long as I was small, I was fond of color pencils. As I grew up, the world of paints opened to me. I have read several books on painting, but the best teacher is practice, I think.

Who is your favorite artist?

LP: I like discovering new artists because they inspire me for new works. One of such artists is Thomas Kinkade. His landscapes are so soft and cozy that it seems almost impossible not to fall in love with them. I also like Vincent van Gog, Ivan Aivazovsky, Claude Monet, and Salvador Dali. Each of them has an individual manner, and all of them are definitely gifted.

What technique do you prefer in your painting?

LP: Frankly speaking, a wide range of opportunities is what I like first and foremost about painting. It is important for me to know that today I can prefer oil paints, while tomorrow I will choose soft pastel. Each technique has its advantages. Much depends on the subject I want to paint, too. In fact, most of my artworks are painted with gouache.

What genre do you prefer?

LP: A great deal of my works is devoted to flowers. For a long period of time, I’ve been focused on still life because for me they were the best chance to explore how colors can play with each other. The world of flora cannot be compared with anything else, and I reckon that painting is intended to encourage a positive emotion. However, recently I have become interested in urban theme. I like to depict cities in different weather and seasons, and this subject seems bottomless for me.

What is the name of this painting?

LP: This painting is entitled “April.” My intention was to fix the beauty and freshness of the first spring welcome. I can hardly imagine something more gentle and picturesque than trees in blossom.

What inspired you for this painting?

LP: The world around me did. I am a contemplator by nature, so I often notice how rich the world around us is. Especially it is true when it goes about spring. The first rays of the sun, the breath of warm spring wind, and the color of green seem to be enough to love spring. But the blossom does even more than that.

What material did you use for the “April” painting?

LP: “April” is an oil painting. I should admit, oil is still mysterious for me, and I don’t paint with oil more often than twice a year. Oil demands much more efforts and time. However, oil also gives another type of emotions both for the artist and for the viewer. The treatment of light and shade is extremely special when you use oil.

What emotion did you put into the painting?

LP: My goal was to make people feel as if they plunged into the spirit of spring flowers and trees. It seems to me that spring evokes the best feelings in people because it is the time of revival, the time of new expectations and plans.


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