Chronology Project : A History Of The United States

In 1862 the Homestead Act was accepted. The territory of the country was still not completely populated especially what concerns the western part of it. After the accepting of the Homestead Act it was legally allowed to move to the west and get free lands in that part of the country.

On January 1, 1863 – slavery was cancelled as Emancipation Proclamation was accepted by Abraham Lincoln. Slaves became free, however they needed some support such as food and shelter. Government did not compensate anything to the owners.

In 1870 the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was accepted. The core of it was in denying voting according to color of skin or nationality. The country came to democratic path of changes for the better.

In 1887 the construction of transcontinental roads was finished. It is difficult to overstate the significance of these roads for the United States. This not only helped to attract people in less inhabited areas but also promoted cooperation among them.
1890 the Spanish-American War. Reason of the begging of the war was the refusal of Spain to make reforms in Cuba. In the result the Spain lost and Cuba received independence under tutelage of the United States.

In 1900 the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty between the USA and the Great Britain was signed. According to it the USA acquired the rights to control the Panama Canal. This gave the country the possibility to make connections across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1917 the United States decided to take part 1st World War The reason of it was quite aggressive behavior of Germany towards the United States of America. First event which caused the country to take part in the war was sending the Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico where was said that Germany intends to invade the United States. The second event caused deaths of many people as Germany blew up the ship Lusitania which carried Americans.

In 1929 a Great Depression began in the United States. The consequences of it were very dramatic for the country. The rate of unemployment reached huge scales, people had no money for living and became homeless. The taxes and tariffs grew in the background of rising prices and descending salaries. The reason for a Great Depression was crash of the stock market of the United States.

In 1932 the Stimson Doctrine was accepted in the USA. In this document the country expressed the position of not recognition the international territorial changes that were made with the help of force. This document decreased in some degree the position of the USA in international politics.

In 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and this date is considered the date of coming the United States of America in the Second World War. In the result Germany, Japan and Italy defeated and the Normandy was invaded and France freed. Except of all bad impacts the war had on the United States there was a positive thing as a lot of  new working places were created and it in some extend  helped America to come out from the Great Depression.

In 1955 the USA took part in the Vietnam War. It was held between the North Vietnam and Southern Vietnam. The loses of American army were dramatic. A lot of people died and were wounded. It is considered that the cause of this event was weakness of American army and technical support.

In 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis between the United States of America and the Soviet Union began. The conflict was very serious and it almost not ended in war. After this crisis the United States of America decided to pay much more attention to technical education as it lagged behind the Soviet Union.

In 1972 President of the USA Nixon and his wife visited China where the president of the USA met with Mao and Zhou. This had important significance for the political affairs of both countries. This event signified the warming in the relations of both countries.

In 1981 the Economic Recovery Tax Act also known as the Kemp-Roth Tax Cut or as the ERTA was signed by the Ronald Reagan- at that time the newly elected president of the United States. It had very important impact on the economy of the country as the rate of inflation decreased and new jobs were created. In addition military field began to prosper.
In 1991 the war between the United States and Iraq began. The name of it the First Gulf War. The United States of America wanted to stop Iraq from invasion in Kuwait- an extremely rich in oil country. The war had very bad influence on the United States of America as a lot of financial resources were spent and many soldiers died and were wounded.

In 2001 began the war of the United States against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It lasts until nowadays. A lot of soldiers not only from the USA but also from the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries died in the result of unsuccessful military operations. This war required and still requires huge financial and human resources.


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