College Admission Essay

Education is one of the most important achievements in the individual’s life. An educated person always has an ability to compete with others for a better position in the company or develop his own business, work well independently, and achieve great success. I realize that every college meets its students not only as the individuals who come to class to learn and gain new knowledge or experiences but also as individuals who can use their talents, skills/abilities, intellectual achievements and personal qualities and invest to the community of scholars at college. Being a creative individual, I can analyze complicated situations and issues in different ways; I always have perfect ideas, effective approaches, and a unique ability to reduce conflicts. I have plenty of leadership and service experience, which helps me to build strong relationships with different people from different backgrounds. Recently I have been involved in volunteer work which enriched my inner world and develop better understanding of such qualities as reliability, honesty, and trust. Volunteering gave me a unique opportunity to experience the real world and contribute something valuable to the community. In the past I’ve experienced certain troubles and financial challenges, which only made me stronger and motivated to pursue excellence in academic performance and work. From the early years I devoted a lot of time to personal growth and identity. I was involved in school activities and community projects (collaborated with culturally diverse community, developed my own way in communicative with others effectively, made presentations, and was engaged in service projects), which helped me to develop personal maturity, high integrity, responsibility and positive attitudes, truthfulness and emotional intelligence, self-mastery and independence. Being very passionate and dedicated individual, I hope I will be able to exceed your expectations and add value to college community.

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