Reflection Paper

In fact, the analysis of my work done is very important for my further developing and for the improvement of my writing skills. This is why I have selected four papers, which I am going to discuss in the current paper to identify my major successes and difficulties as well as the overall progress of my writing skills as I worked on those papers.

My best entry is Parents and Internet: Who Guides the Teens. At any rate, that entry has raised a very important issue – the impact of internet on children, in comparison to the impact of parents on adolescents. Frankly, this was the most interesting paper I have been working on among the selected papers. This is probably why I believe this paper is my best one. On the other hand, I believe that the paper is really well-written and properly organized with clear introduction, conclusion and key arguments supported with evidence.

The paper I excluded was the film review of Juno. In fact, this paper was different from other papers that I have written during the course and selected for writing the current reflection paper since the paper on the film review referred to a fictional story. In such a way, the film was useful in terms of portraying of adolescents and their problems in the contemporary society and culture. I excluded this paper because I decided that the fictional story should not be involved in my study of adolescents based on real observations and scientific-based research activities that aimed at the revelation of real facts but not the facts brought by a feature film.

I would improve the paper, if I had more time through making stronger correlation to the real life and conducting additional research to test key messages of the film and to correlate them to the real life. In such a way, I would find out how key issues raised in the film and messages conveyed by the film related to each other and whether they are relevant to the real life. In such a way, I would have complete the research and I could have make a better paper which could not just focus on the review of the film but also reveal the correlation of the film to key real life issues related to my issue of interest – adolescence.

One of my papers was particularly complex but still I applied the similar writing procedure as I did in case of other papers and this paper has proved to be successful. The paper was dedicated to the study of concepts of “real boys” and “real girls”. In fact, the paper was supposed to involve existing biases and stereotypes related to the perception of boys and girls and how those gender roles affect children, who enter the adolescence stage. The impact of such stereotypes could be very significant on adolescents and I attempted to find how “real boys-real girls” concepts affected adolescents, their self-image and other related issues. In fact, the paper was difficult and challenging to write because I had to overcome biases and stereotypes prevailing in the society. Nevertheless, I have managed to tackle this problem through viewing the issue from a different, scientific perspective. First, I studied existing researches dedicated to the issue and find out what the concepts really mean for adolescents and their social environment. Then I conducted the study how those concepts affect adolescents. For this purpose, I conducted several interviews involving adolescent boys and girls, who provided me with their vision of “real boys and real girls”. In such a way, I found out how adolescents really perceive these concepts and compared them to those interpretations of these concepts, which I found in the literature. On comparing the results, I have managed to shape my view on the issue and write my paper on “real boys and real girls”.

At the moment, I still have some weaknesses with writing my entries and papers. First, I have difficulties with starting up my paper. Writing an introduction is quite challenging for me because I have to present key message of the paper I am going to write in a very short form. I try to overcome this weakness through the identification of key ideas and writing my introduction at the end of the paper, when I have already all key ideas and messages and I look through my paper as a reader and identify what is the most essential for the paper. After that I add the justification why the issue I am writing about is relevant and important for my target audience and crate the thesis statement to complete the introduction.

Another weakness I still face is the proper organization of my papers. In fact, I still have to revise and rewrite my papers changing their organization and structure.  To overcome this weakness I focus on the planning process before writing the paper. For instance, I crate the outline of the paper before I start writing it. The outline helps me to arrange ideas properly, logically and to make my paper well-organized.

In addition, sometimes I have difficulties with finding key resources which are essential for my papers. Today, I have access to plenty of resources due to the use of internet and online libraries and sometimes it is difficult for me to determine which sources to choose. The elimination of this weakness involves the clear identnfication of the issue I am going to write about and identification of key words I will search for to identify key resources. After that, I determine which databases I can use that depends on the specific paper I write since some papers admit peer-reviewed journal articles only, while others admit the possibility of using news reports, newspapers and other sources. In addition, I determine the date of publication of resources to focus on more recent resources to obtain up-to-date information for my paper.

The selected papers are all connected by the common theme, the theme of adolescents, possible gender differences and specificities in their development. In such a way, the common theme allowed collecting diverse information and make findings which can help me to determine all the specificities of the process of growing up and changes that occur to individuals that occur during the adolescence.

Thus, the analysis of the selected papers reveals the fact that I have already made a considerable progress in the development of my writing skills. However, I still have some difficulties, which though I believe are technical ones and I will be able to eliminate them in the future.

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