What Is Black English & Does He Exist Essay

People are using language every day and usually they are not aware of the fact, how important the language is for their lives, for their communication, for their self – acknowledgement. People of various races and various countries and even various parts of the same country speak different languages or sometimes they are called dialects. Often after hearing just a couple of sentences it is possible to identify, what region the person in living in, or just one phrase could be enough for understanding with what social group he associates himself.

Officially there is no such separate language as Black language, however it is not possible to deny its existence. James Baldwin in his article related to the matters of language underlines, that Black English was created by black Diaspora, when a lot of black people arrived to the country and could not communicate via the same language (Baldwin 1979). It took time before they managed to develop their common language. This is a bright example of the statement that a language develops, as soon as there is a strong necessity for it, correspondingly the rules of the language are dictated by the main messages, it needs to transmit.

Another important point is related to teaching of children – as the author of the article states, the country didn’t take care of educating black children. This caused serious difficulties for black children, as most of them were lost in the gap between becoming white people and remaining black.

Overall, language is a serious political, social, psychological, educational tool, which could be without any doubts also seen as a mechanism for formation of social and personal identities of an individual. I, personally, do realize, that the language, I use as my native one, is closely related to who I am in this country, in this world.


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