How to Avoid Plagiarism Essay

In order to avoid plagiarism, it is necessary to follow the next guidelines. First of all, all sources should be documented. If a student uses material found in books, peer-reviewed articles, on websites or in any other sources of information, it is required to cite these sources using quotation marks and identifying the author’s name and page number. In this case, a student should be aware of APA/MLA formatting rules. These formatting styles are used to format academic writing in a standard way. Moreover, it is very important to remember that all borrowed words should be placed in quotation marks. Second, in order to avoid plagiarism, it is necessary to learn how to paraphrase the author’s words. However, a student should remember that paraphrasing any material taken from any sources, such as books, peer-reviewed journals, websites, it is crucial to cite this source based on the established rules. In this case, quotation marks are not used. Third, it is necessary to remember that a student should not document his/her own ideas or some common knowledge and well-known quotations. It is recommended to use one’s own wording that differed from the original text, written by the author of the book or article. Finally, it is recommended to use “according to” and the author’s name before starting to write borrowed words and phrases. In fact, identifying phrases help to make a logical flow in the text because after these phrases, a student should place borrowed words placed in quotation marks or paraphrased in a proper way, based on the established rules. Thus, it is not so difficult to avoid plagiarism, if the above mentioned guidelines are followed by a student.

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