The Fundamentals Of Business Writing

Business writing is complex process that requires having sufficient knowledge on the selected issue and proficiency in the use of the rules of the English language. Assessing my performance as a business writer in this course, I should consider the strengths and weaknesses in my writing and evaluate the progress I have made in the course. In general, I believe that I have made a considerable progress as a business writer. My business writing can be characterized as clear and accurate. I have learned how to write business documents, such as business letters, reports, e-mails, proposals, and memorandums. I realize that business documents play an important role in business communication and affect the outcomes of any business project (Boros & Boros, 2012).

Evaluating my writing assignments, I should place emphasis on both the strengths and weaknesses in my writing. The strengths of my business writing include accuracy, well-developed plan of writing, clear text formatting, use of terminology, application of grammar and punctuation rules, effective writing style and detailed description of the key message. The weaknesses of my writing include the use of long and complicated sentences and improper opening or ending.

In addition, the most important professional writing skills I would like to improve on include rhetorical skills. I should learn to use some effective strategies, such as the proper rhetorical modes in order to improve my writing. For example, I should place emphasis on the use of comparison/contrast and classification in my business writing in order to demonstrate professionalism in business communication.

Thus, it is necessary to conclude that the course of business writing has helped me to shape my academic and professional futures. I have an opportunity to effectively use business communication skills in my future career. Moreover, I realize that my writing style is appropriate for specific business projects or situations.



Boros, C. L. & Boros, L. L. (2012).The Fundamentals Of Business Writing. Xlibris Corporation.

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