The Upward Bound Bridge Program

Before I signed up for the Upward Bound Bridge program, expected to get insight into the true college academic background, I did not expect much changes and improvements in my writing skills. In fact, I believed I was quite good in writing since my writing skills have proved to be sufficient to write successfully at the high school level. However, my Upward Bound Bridge program experience has changed my attitude to writing and my writing skills in particular. At any rate, now, on completing the program, I feel much more proficient in writing than I used to be and, what is more important, I think I understand better what it is like to be at college.

In fact, at the beginning of the program, I had considerable writing experience because I liked writing and I wrote a lot but at the high school level only. The Upward Bound Bridge program was the totally new experience for me because it was the college level program that set new requirements to my writing skills. Nevertheless, I tried to do my best to be successful in writing and, while writing three essays, I used all my writing skills and experience that I had.

At the same time, I expected that my performance will not be perfect because the college and high school levels are different. This is why, having a solid high school background and writing experience, I still could not be as successful at the college level as I used to be at the high school one. Nevertheless, I believed that my skills could be helpful for successful writing in the course of the Upward Bound Bridge program. At this point, my writing skills have proved to be very useful for writing three essays.

As a rule, I used the following method of writing essays. I start writing essays with the outline, where I identify clearly the topic of my essay, its goals, its key points and evidence and supporting facts that I am going to use in my essay. The next step in writing an essay is planning and organization of my essay to make all the ideas that I have outlined to flow logically throughout the essay. In such a way, I try to reach the goal of my essay through structuring the essay in the logical way to make it sound solid and clear. Furthermore, I look for transitions to connect all ideas and parts of the essay together. In such a way, I connect all parts of the essay with the help of transitions that are essential to make the essay stylistically plausible and easy to read and follow my ideas (Russell 159). At the same time, in the concluding paragraph I always try to sum up my essay and convey its key points to make them clear to readers and to help readers to understand what I actually wanted to say in my essay. As the first draft of my essay is complete, I revise and edit my writing to find errors and correct them. In addition, revising and editing activities help me to view my essay as a reader and I can make some extra changes to make my essay stronger. After that, I can submit my essay and expect for my instructor’s response.

I applied this method to all three essays that I have written in the course of the Upward Bound Bridge program. However, my three essays were still imperfect and, as I received the feedback from my instructor, I decided to revise the essay with the highest score because it was just interesting for me to work on this essay and to make it even better. As I revised the essay, I introduced some changes, among which the change in the conclusion of the essay I believed was the most significant one since I added “Ana and the children from the East is East took a stand for what they believed was best for them even if that meant hurting one parent in the process. Parents may be mad at their children for a while, but it never lasts forever”. By adding these phrases I complemented the essay’s conclusion and made my ideas more succinct, while these phrases summed up what I have found in the course of the essay.

On the other hand, my essays had considerable flaws, such as errors in punctuation, which I believe are unacceptable at the college level. This is why the Upward Bound Bridge program helped me to understand my weaknesses and come more prepared to the college than I used to be before enrolling in the program (Russell 195). In fact, the program has proved to be very efficient in the development of my writing skills and made me prepared to my college education. This is why I recommend the Upward Bound Bridge program to other students. who have just graduated from the college and are looking for a program that will help them to prepare to the college education.


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