Tips For Beginning Writers By Example Of William Zinsser “On Writing Well”

William Zinsser in his book On Writing Well uncovers key strategies that facilitate the writing process and help beginners to start writing well. At this point, the book is particularly valuable for inexperienced writers because it provides clear and concise information on what they should do to start writing well. The author pays a lot of attention to the development of basic writing skills but, what is even more important, he provides specific recommendations for beginning writers. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the good writing starts with the good organization of thoughts and ideas, which the writer wants to convey to the audience. This is why Zinsser pays a particular attention to the study of the structure and organization of the writing. For instance, he recommends writers to plan their writing before they actually start writing. The plan helps them to complete their writing logically and successfully.

At the same time, the author seems to pay little attention to stylistic aspects of writing since the organization and structure of writing turns out to be prior for the author. However, such a focus on structuring of the writing and logical organization of thoughts within the writing is reasonable taking into consideration the target audience of the book. As the author attempts to reach those writers, who just start writing and do not have well-developed writing skills, he does not make his book too complicated introduce more complex issues and uncovering nuances of stylistic devices, figures of speech and complex issues that arise in the course of the writing. Instead, Zinsser provides concise but effective guide for beginning writers.


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