Writing A Thesis

Thesis – briefly set forth the main ideas of the whole text in one sentence. The main purpose of all thesis writting – is summarize the available material, to perform its essence in brief terms, to reveal the contents of a relatively large volume publication or report; deeply understand the issue, analyze it and create the possibility of opposing own thoughts with the thoughts of others, or complement the latter. Poorly written thesis can scare the reader by interesting scientific work. Conversely, successfully created thesis draws attention to the scientific material, and to the speaker. To write a thesis – is something like to create a calling card to your work.

Theses decorated according to the rules – this is not only the requirements of good taste. This is the first indication that a novice researcher is able to read and comprehend the information correctly. Any thesis paper can be assigned to one of two basic types:

1. Thesis compiled for publication by another author.

2. Theses written on the basis of own original material.

In the first case, thesis writing means the summarizing the material which was written by another author. In this case, after a preliminary examination the text is read for the second time. This text is divided into a number of passages. Next step is to find the main idea of the each passage after division of the whole text; or temporarily discharged just say this is important in the text of the publication. Then, there is a well thought out selection and formulation of separate provisions. This will be the thesis.

The second type includes just theses of scientific publications – reports, presentations, articles, and others. In this case meant that the thesis writer is well aware of the issue and his main task is to short and succinct expression of the whole written material. The latter is not always easy and quick to make, but at the end of work on writing theses is that the understanding of the question or described material becomes deeper, new ideas often appear, it is easier to explain to others the essence of the work.

In the first case, the main difficulty of writing thesis paper is the need to significantly reduce the amount of printed text with a maximum preservation of its content. The worse the author owns the material, the more difficult it is to express his thoughts briefly. For this situation there is the same recipe as in the preparation of theses in materials of another author.

The second situation is more common – when thesis writers firstly write theses that eventually expand to the size of their articles. The main difficulty in this case lies in the fact that the authors not fully form their own idea of ​​what they want to write. But it is a normal situation when writing the winning thesis or dissertation.

Thesis writers should know the rules of a successful thesis. First, the theme of the thesis must conform to the conference topics and contain something new. It is better not to take the topic on which there are hundreds of studies. Secondly, it is necessary to write the thesis which will be narrow: you have to make a report for 10-15 minutes, and to push at this time all coursework and thesis is unlikely to succeed. The speaker usually turns between the desire to present the conclusions of the global and need to give specific examples. The bad listing specific examples are either absent or hang out somewhere sideways sort of bow. In good global theses conclusions are based on analysis of specific examples. Statement of global ideas without a specific analysis is as unproven. Analysis of the material without the general idea of ​​the school looks listing facts.

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