Hospitality & Tourism Global Business: How to Manage the Hotel?

The development of professional skills is very important for the professional development of an individual but the professional development also depends on the use of the full potential of the individual. The use of the full potential means that one should use all his/her strengths to reach desired ends and, if the career path chosen matches strengths one has, he/she is likely to succeed because the professional development will be relatively easy and definitely successful. The study of individual strengths by Don Clifton revealed their enormous impact on the successfulness of individuals and their ability to succeed in the field chosen or to fail. Don Clifton is the father of the strength psychology, who believes that the success of an individual in his/her professional development and career depends on the ability of the individual to use his/her strength. If one is strong in the particular field and has strengths required for the successful performance in this field, he/she is likely to gain a tremendous success in this field, if one works hard enough.

Knowledge, Skills and Talents

Knowledge, skills and talents are all constituent elements of a successful professional development and career. At the same time, often these concepts are misinterpreted, while sometimes individuals have difficulties with the clear definition of each of these concepts that leads to their disproportional professional development, when they believe they have talent, while they actually need to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. The difference between these three is very important because it helps professionals to clarify what they need to improve and what they actually have at hand to reach success in the chosen career path.

Knowledge is the information learned by an individual in the course of his/her education which expands his/her understanding of the surrounding world or, more specifically, his/her professional background and issues related to his/her professional performance and functions. Professional skills comprise a set of abilities which the individual has to perform his/her professional functions and duties and which the individual develops in the course of training and professional development through drills and other techniques of the acquisition of new skills. Talent is the innate gift and inclinations of individuals which distinguish them from others. Talent is very important for the successful professional development because talent makes each individual unique and it is talent that distinguishes the individual from others because talent is unique and attributes unique features to the individual that makes him/her particularly successful or effective in the particular field.

I have developed professional knowledge in the field of the hospitality and tourism industry. I also developed professional skills, which I believe may help me in the course of my professional performance, including communication, organizational and leadership skills along with analytical thinking skills. As for my talent, I believe I have one since I was always interested in creative tasks and since my childhood I was interested in drawing and was quite successful at it. Such interest was the manifestation of my imaginative thinking which is a part of my talent that has already helped and will help me in my career.

Results of the StrengthsFinder Assessment/Inventory

The results of the StrengthsFinder assessment revealed that I have the following strengths: achiever, analytical, consistency, focus, responsibility. This means that I am particularly strong in these areas, which I believe will be very helpful in terms of my professional development, although such results were, to a certain extent, surprising to me. At any rate, I believed that my strengths will also include communication and learner since I am very focused on the development of my communication skills and I hoped communication will become my strength one day because communication is very important for the work in the hospitality industry because professionals working in the hospitality industry have to interact with customers regularly as well as they have to interact with their colleagues effectively. In such a situation, the effective communication is essential and helps professionals, who work in the hospitality industry, to perform successfully and reach a considerable progress in their career development fast. I also expected that I am strong in learning because I stay focused on the learning process and I believe that learning is pivotal for the effective professional development. Today, learning is important in all fields, including the hospitality industry. The fast progress of technologies and rapid changes that take place in the contemporary society urge people to learn. Otherwise, professionals, who stop in their learning and development, are doomed to failure in their career because they cannot match their professional progress with the progress of technologies and the world around them. This is why results of the StrengthFinder assessment were disappointing for me in a way.

Nevertheless, the results of the assessment are very important because they have revealed my strengths which I can use in my professional development. At any rate, the results of the assessment help me to identify my strengths more accurately and, on the other hand, I have revealed obvious areas for improvement since the gap between my expectations before the test and my results reveal those areas where I should work harder to improve my professional skills. More specifically, I would like to become more effective learner and enhance my communication skills. Existing strengths are also very important for me in my career in the hospitality industry. Being the achiever means I am a success-oriented person that focuses on the achievement of my goals. Also my focus helps me to stay concentrated on my goals and to reach them successfully. At the same time, I expected to be analytical since I was always inclined to analytical thinking which helped to enhance my professional development and performance. Consistency helps me to maintain the stable performance and, at the moment, I take advantage of my consistency in terms of my learning. I work hard and expect to receive benefits from my learning, when I start my career. My responsibility was also predictable for me because I am a responsible person and I expected that responsibility is my strength. I also believe that my responsibility will have a positive impact on my career because responsibility is an important feature that is appreciated in different occupations and is particularly important in the hospitality industry, where each task has to be performed responsibly. Otherwise, the quality of services will decline, if professionals are not responsible. Therefore, I believe my strengths will help me in my professional development but the StrengthFinder assessment also has helped me to define priorities in my further professional development.

Conclusion/Development Plan

At the moment, I focus on the career of the hotel general manager, although I would like to run my own hotel one day. Nevertheless to come to that end, I need to raise funds and to acquire essential experience, while the career focused on the position of the hotel general manager seems to be the best option for me to reach my career goals. At the same time, my focus on the career of the hotel general manager is driven by several reasons. First, the position of the hotel general manager provides me with the decent income that is an important criterion for my career choice because the level of income does matter. I believe income is important for any person and the choice of the career is often driven by the expected return one may gain after investing in his/her education. Nevertheless, the expected income is important but not the determinant criterion for my career choice. Second, the position of the hotel general manager matches my interests and inclinations. I have strengths and inclinations that may help me to succeed at the position of the hotel general manager. Also I like interacting with different people and managing the team. The development of the team work is a part of the hotel general manager job. However, what is probably the most attractive for me at the position of the hotel general manager is the possibility of implementing my creative potential since, at this position, I will be able to implement my creative ideas and manage the hotel as I see it. On the other hand, I will also take the responsibility not only for the specific job I do but also for the overall success or failure of the hotel. I am aware of the fact that such responsibility may become the burden for me, especially, if the hotel underperforms under my lead. Nevertheless, the overall success and the improvement of the performance of the hotel is very rewarding and is worth efforts and hardships I may have to pass through to reach success at the position of the hotel general manager.

To reach my career goals, I have elaborated my career development plan which opens the way for my career not only in the particular hotel but also in the international chain of hotels since the success in one hotel opens the way for my successful performance in a different cultural and business environment. The first step of my plan is completing my education to join a hotel that operates and manifests positive trends in its business development. I may join the company as the assistant manager and start my career there. In the course of time, I can reach certain progress in my career and obtain promotion. At the same time, I plan to keep learning and training throughout my career because training is essential for my professional development. I have to stay in the current of the overall progress of the hospitality industry that is impossible without training. When I reach the position of the hotel general manager in the hotel, I may consider changing my career direction and join the international hotel chain, where I may get new career opportunities. In this regard, I would like to get the position of the hotel general manager in a new hotel of the hotel chain, where I can implement my creative ideas and use my experience to bring the new hotel to success. What attracts me the most in such direction in my career development is the prospect of the challenging experience but also opportunities to gain success. Reaching success through overcoming numerous challenges is the most attractive prospect for me in the course of my career development because I can find something more rewarding than gaining success after overcoming challenges which seem to be unsurpassable at first glance. In addition, such experience is much more useful for my professional development than managing the hotel that is successful and does not confront substantial challenges. I can learn more, when I overcome challenges than just manage the hotel. After that, I would like to complete my career by running my own hotel.


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