Imperialism And Communism As Phenomena Term Paper

  1. Discuss the rise of imperialism – what is it? Why does it appeal to people? Identify at least 2 events that lead to its rise and at least 2 consequences of it. Be sure to explain how each is linked either to the rise or consequences of imperialism.

Imperialism emerged in the time of the accelerated economic and technological development driven by the industrial revolution, when leading nations had got the consistent advantage over the rest of the world and started their territorial and economic expansion backed up by their military aggression. The leading nations, including the US, Germany, Great Britain and others attempted to take control over the larger part of the world that would allow them to get access to international markets freely and establish the tight control over those markets, use all resources on the controlled territories and gain other benefits brought by the implementation of their imperialist plans. One of the main drivers of imperialism was the industrial revolution, Another major driver of imperialism was the wide gap between developed nations and under-developed ones which made the latter virtually unable to resist to the former. The major effect of imperialism was the expansion of leading nations which either set the full control over under-developed nations or expanded the sphere of their influence over under-developed nations. Another effect of the imperialism was the global military conflict caused by the tightening competition between leading powers (Hobson, 2005). As leading nations faced the problem of the lack of opportunities to expand further because other territories and nations were controlled by their rivals, they started military conflicts against each other to redistribute power and take control over larger territories worldwide.

  1. It has been argued that World War 2 is just a continuation of World War 1 – identify at least 3 events that either defend or refute this argument. Be sure to use hard facts to back up your stance and explain why it supports or disproves the statement!

World War II was the direct effect of World War I. First, World War I deprived Germany of an opportunity to realize its imperialist ambitions. As a result, while Germany has huge potential and ambitions but it was restricted in its ability to conduct its territorial expansion and to implement its imperialist policies (Keegan, 2007). Hence, Germany faced the problem of the shortage of resources that could accelerate the economic development of the nation and improve the quality of life in Germany. The economic crisis was another reason for World War II and it was also triggered by World War I. Nations had to invest huge funds into the recovery and reconstruction of the infrastructure, facilities and national economies at large. As a result, the reconstruction required substantial resources increasing government expenses that caused the further deep economic crisis which pushed radical parties, including the Nazi in Germany to power. In addition, World War I ended up in revolutions affecting European nations and Russia. The latter was under the rule of the Communist regime, which was hostile to European democratic countries. This is why Great Britain and France, as the major European powers, did not resist much to the rise of Hitler in power, even though he conducted aggressive, expansionist policies and violated norms of the Versailles treaty occupying Austria, a part of Czechoslovakia, developing its military industry and creating German army, entering the demilitarized zone on the French border, etc.

  1. Explain the historical role and impact of at least 3 individuals or groups who facilitated the fall of communism in Europe. You may choose any individual or group from any country involved in the Cold War. Be sure to discuss who/what they are, examine their role in ending communism in their country (or elsewhere), and analyze their significance and contribution to the overall ending of the Cold War.

Solidarnost headed by Lech Valesa was the leading public organization, the independent labor union which raised the public against the ruling communist regime in Poland. The growing public pressure eventually led to the downfall of the Communist regime in Poland and opening the way for democratic parties to come to power.

Mikhail Gorbachev was the key figure which willingly or not contributed to the downfall of communism in Europe (Thomson, 2012). The Soviet leader was aware of the necessity of changes in the USSR which maintained puppet communist governments in Eastern Europe. However, his reforms had failed and the USSR was unable to maintain control over Eastern Europe. As a result, when revolutions had started in 1989, Gorbachev gave in and carried on the democratization in the USSR, known as Perestroika.

Vaclav Havel, the first democratic president of Czechoslovakia, was another prominent figure, who contributed to the downfall of communism in Europe since he led the opposing democratic political forces which carried out the velvet revolution in the country in 1989. As the President he carried on the democratization of Czechoslovakia and accomplished the Soviet troops withdrawal.



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