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All Aspects Are Taken Into Account in the Planning of Research in the Field of Human Activity

Mixed methods can be carried out sequentially or simultaneously. They can be classified according to the type of request, the data/operations collection, and the analysis/conclusions. Prior to identifying and selecting a necessary method, one must understand what their target is. The nature of the necessary data collection and analysis is strongly dependent on the research target itself. In many cases, research and operation may touch the interests and data safety of different stakeholders of the process. That is why it is critical to evaluate all risks that can be caused by data collection and analysis (Burch & Heinrich, 2015). This paper provides all essential aspects that can occur and must be taken into consideration when planning research in any sphere of human activity, especially in child protection programs because the target audience is especially sensitive to changes and experiments.

Stakeholder analysis should be carried out, taking into account an essential methodological message. It consists in the fact that the actions of interested parties are based not so much on the economic interest of the group or community, but on the subjective position in relation to the project; surveys, as well as a number of meetings or the use of some other form of assessment. Upon the completion of the collection and processing of sufficient information, it is time for a meeting of interested parties, which takes place in the form of a working group and aims to identify problems further and begin the project development process. It is best to conduct a stakeholder analysis during a brainstorming working meeting involving key stakeholders (Burch& Heinrich, 2015). The objective of such a meeting is to discuss the problems that the parties concerned face in the area of ​​the main focus of the project. Such a conclusion can be done according to the Mitchell model, which is widely used in such cases.

In the right way of analyzing stakeholders, G. Savacs method should be singled out. He was the first to task of a stakeholder analysis to determine the participants of the process. Stakeholders are individuals, groups of individuals, or institutions whose interests affect the project. The purpose of the stakeholder analysis is to identify the main ones, assess their interest in the implementation of the project or the “benefits” from it, and how their interests affect the viability and riskiness of the project (Burch & Heinrich, 2015). To do this, one can use the following information:

-interests of stakeholders in relation to the problems to be solved, as well as the main assumptions that should be made about their participation in the project¨ clash of interests of the stakeholders, affecting the riskiness of the project

– existing and potential relations between stakeholders and the possibility of their use in order to broaden the prospects for project success

– adequate forms of participation in the project of various stakeholders.

After the stakeholders have been identified, they are consulted to clarify the problems they face. To do this, it is necessary to collect information about the current situation, perhaps through conducting it involves not only an in-depth classification of stakeholders but also strategic models of working with stakeholders based on a matrix approach. The method is based on an assessment of stakeholders in terms of their ability to carry certain threats to project events or to interact in the interests of a common cause.  As a result, G. Savacs suggests, depending on the assessment, to choose one of the typical strategies: “Involvement,” “Interaction,” “Observation,” and “Protection.” I pay special attention to the analytical models of Mitchell and Savacs. Methods of stakeholder analysis provide the main stakeholder with an opportunity to build effective management and interaction with other minor stakeholders.

The subject of the research of the stakeholder method is the interaction of various groups or individuals pursuing their own interests that are related to the activities of the firm. The stakeholder theory puts forward the proposition that the interests of all parties are legitimate and equal in rights since it is based on business ethics. The issue of stakeholder engagement is based on the Strong, K.C., Ringer, R.C. and Taylor, S.A. communication tool, which includes timeliness, honesty, and empathy. It is easy to notice that this business ethics, forcing entrepreneurs to take into account not only their own interests but also the interests and requirements of other stakeholders (of course, only if they are legitimate and sufficiently justified). On this basis, the theory of stakeholders treats the very meaning of the existence of a firm as a way to satisfy the legitimate interests of its stakeholders. Therefore, this theory is actively used in the development of substantiation of entrepreneurial projects, management decisions, and building corporate governance systems. It is obvious that it is practically impossible to equally take into account the interests and satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders participating in the business. Therefore, the task is to make a reasonable choice from the entire set of stakeholders and their groups of those that are really important for the program, whose interests should be considered and whose requirements should be met.


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