Into to Power & Privilege Free Essay

The role of power in human life and its influence on solving important issues


Power is one of the most important tools of leadership that allows influencing others. Power is used by individuals in different ways because of the need for achieving different goals. Legitimate power, also known as titular or formal power, allow ensuring control through the use of a hierarchy in the workplace. Coercive power and Reward power are two types of power that help a leader to influence others through punishment and rewards correspondingly. If a leader is highly motivated to achieve the established goals, he/she should be interested in influencing people through either punishment or rewards. This fact means that many individuals are focused using Power based on their leadership skills, such as high level of responsibility, creativity, and communication skills. Informational power and expert power allow a leader to demonstrate professionalism in resolving complicated issues (Murphy, 2017). In this case, a leader uses Power to guide others due to his/her personal experience, skills, competence, and relevant knowledge to share with others. Taking into consideration different types of Power, it is possible to identify the tenets of successful leaders effectively using Power. First, Power should be used in service to other people. Second, Power should be used in a way that fosters healthy, trustworthy relationships. Third, Power should never be used to abuse others.

In fact, Power leads to influence because a leader is a person who leads others to achieve common goals. If a leader is leading others by influence, he/she has the proper skills and abilities that promote motivation and self-assertion in the workplace. Due to influence, a leader can inspire other people in the group and facilitate fulfilment of the assigned tasks and responsibilities. There is close relationship between influence and motivation because of the emotions generated by influence that contribute to increased motivation.

Actually, there are different types of Privilege, including race privilege, physical ability privilege, gender privilege, socio-economic privilege, education privilege, heterosexual privilege, and religious privilege. Each type of privilege plays a critical role in resolving complicated issues because of the  impact of privilege on power presence in human life. Privilege functions in human society because of the role of power that has direct relation to certain levels of privilege. There are several types of Privilege I have experienced in my lifetime, including education privilege in the field of employment, class privilege in building interpersonal relationships, gender privilege in physical activities, which were assigned to my field of employment. Undoubtedly, there were some situations, when I was oppressed because of my gender and race. Anyway, I understand now that the greatest privilege is to have a body without any disability because good physical health provides opportunities for personal growth and development.

As a matter of fact, I support the idea that I can utilize my Privilege to  assist or help others. I feel happy when I assist others in resolving complicated issues, such as give them professional advice, provide financial assistance, and psychological help to enhance emotional well-being.  I understand that helping others is important to foster happiness that is supported by my privilege.

To tell the truth, I have a talent that could be beneficial in an initiative to help someone else. This is a talent of giving psychological assistance to a person who needs advice or who does not know what to do in a concrete situation. I utilize my creativity which allows me to generate new ideas and share these ideas with others. Anyway, I consider my creativity as a beneficial aptitude because my creative potential helps to resolve problems and avoid conflicts. I could use that talent to help others who are in need of advice. In other words, I can serve as a counsellor or a mentor.

Finally, what stood out to me from this week’s course content are the concepts of power and privilege. This information provides me a new vantage point or perspective about myself because I understand that my personal power relates directly to my privilege. I can use my privilege based on the established societal attitudes and values. At the same time, I understand that the absence of power and privilege contribute to a number of challenges in my life (Torgovnick May, 2014).


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