Monologue for Jay in Great Gatsby About American Dream Free Essay

The American Dream as an Example of the Book Fitzgerald, Scott F. Great Gatsby


All my life I was pursuing wealth as the only way to become successful and happy. I grew up in desperate poverty and everyone around me believed that money makes people happy. I remember my parents working hard but they have gained next to nothing, but they still believed that they had to work harder to get wealthy and happy.

I also believed the same way my parents did, but the war has brought considerable changes to my worldview and I became less idealistic than I used to be before the war.

Frankly, I was really disenchanted after the end of the war. The pointless massacre, useless deaths of so many good people and no happiness at all at the end were the only outcomes of the war I could remember so far. What was that pointless war for? They told us we struggle for good to defeat bad guys but were we really much better as we killed just like they killed us.

After the war the life seemed quite different. Unlike my parents, I did not see much point in working hard to gain next to nothing as they did. Instead, I have chosen to be a sort of the smartest guy in a room. It occurred to me that one should not do the hardest work. Instead, one should do the work that brings him money. At any rate that was my choice. I did not care much about effects of my ‘business’. I did not care much about whether my ‘business’ is legal or not. What I did care was money. After several hard post-war years, I finally find the way to earn money, a lot of money. I have started my bootlegging ‘business’ which turned out to be very profitable.  For a couple of years I have earned more than I have ever earned before for my entire life.

However, steadily it occurred to my mind that money is just a tool which I should use for my benefit to reach my goals and to just do what I like to do. Since that moment, I have started spending a lot. I purchased a lavish house. I threw extravagant parties regularly. I made a lot of acquaintances pleasant and not. I made many stupid things and a few clever ones. I could not say that I spent money wisely, but money easy gained were money easy spent. This is why I did not care much about how I spent my money.

Nevertheless, I have proved to be wise enough to invest some money in legal businesses and I have gained a ground for decent living, even without my bootlegging ‘business’. It was a sort of insurance for my business since, whatever happened, I should be able to lead a decent life I have already got used to.

On the other hand, I had a strange feeling that something was still wrong with my life since money, in spite of my great expectations, did not really make me happy. I did not feel really happy because, in spite of my growing wealth, there was no one around me who I could rely upon and who I love and no one seem to love me either. And that Daisy, she was always on my mind. I threw a lot of parties but my only real goal was her. I wanted her in my house. I wanted her to see that I have become a reach and successful man. I wanted her to be with me.

When I finally met her at a party in my house, I realized that all I have been doing so far was a sheer vanity. My efforts to get wealthy was almost useless since even with my wealth I could not make Daisy mine, while she was the only person, whom I really loved and who seemed to really love me as well. The revelation of this fact was another turning point in my life after the war which has changed my worldview completely. If after the war, I have started to doubt whether ideals of my parents were right that the hard work brings wealth and happiness, than after my failure to establish long lasting and stable relations with Daisy, I found out that wealth does not bring happiness at all. Hence, the war taught me that hard work would not make me wealthy, while the final break up with Daisy taught me that wealth would not make me happy.

Thus, at the beginning of my life I thought that one had to work hard to get prosperous and happy, but ultimately I find out that this is totally wrong. Now, I am fully aware of the fact that all my pursuit of wealth was in vain because wealth does not make me any happier. I though wealth will bring me glory, fame, and love of people who are really important for me. Now, when I look around, I see no one whom I could even call my friend, while the only woman, who I really loved, has returned to her husband and we have to part forever. So, now I wonder what the point in all my pursuit of wealth is which made me prosperous but not happy and what the point to work hard is, if that work does not bring happiness either. All my life I believed I know what can make me happy, but finally I came to the point, when I learned that my belief is totally wrong.

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