Needs Analysis : the Development of Writing Skills

The development of writing competence is one of the most challenging and important need of students. Students have to develop writing skills because they need writing skills to learn successfully. In this regard, often students experience difficulties with writing because they lack basic writing skills which help them to complete writing tasks successfully. At the same time, writing skills are essential because writing is the key component of the contemporary education.

The learner characteristics

The target learner population involved in the development of writing skills consists of high school students of the 12th grade. They have to develop their writing skills to learn to write at the level which is close to the professional level of writing. They have to learn to write and plan their writing effectively to complete writing tasks successfully and to be able to come prepared to the further education in terms of the high development of their writing skills.

Cognitive, behavioral, and affective objectives

The cognitive objective is to teach students writing essays at the level close to the professional one which are well-organized, logical, well-structured with flow transitions.

The behavioral objective is to teach students to write as professional writers and to use the model of the writing process.

The affective objective is to raise the interest of students to writing and stimulate their creative writing which is not related to school tasks or other tasks, which they have to write. Instead, they should like to write their own creative written works, like short stories or essays.

Procedural analysis flowchart

The following chart represents the key steps in the development of writing skills of students:

The learning process will aim at the development of writing skills to meet the current need of students in the development of proficient writing skills. The achievement of the target writing performance will include eight stages, which students have to pass in the course of the learning process to enhance their writing skills.

First, students will start with basic writing skills, which they have at the moment. The preliminary testing and evaluation will help to determine, where to start at and what the current level of writing skills students have. The next step is the rise of student awareness and understanding of the importance of writing. Students should understand how important the writing is for their learning as well as writing may be important for their further professional development and career (Jones, 2002). The next step focuses on the development of writing skills proper. First, students should learn to get insight or just to brainstorm to learn how to get some basic ideas on what they are going to write about and simply how to start the writing process. The next stage is planning since students have to learn how to plan their writing to make their written papers well-structured and well-organized. After that students should learn basic writing techniques to know how they can write their papers and to make their writing look more professionally. After that, students have to learn revising and editing techniques to be able to edit their writing and prepare their final papers (Scieszka, 2005). Finally, students will learn how to conduct the critical analysis and evaluation of their written works to be able to learn from their errors, to identify their strong points and achievements and identify areas for the improvement to make their writing even better.


Thus, the development of writing skills is essential for students and they have to meet the need in good writing at the level close to the professional one.


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