Nurse Interview

Making a successful career starting from the nursing position is quite challenging, especially if one aims at obtaining the management position. Nevertheless, there are cases, when nurses have managed to make a successful career and obtain the management position. At this point, it is possible to refer to two interviews conducted recently, which involved Mrs. X and Mrs. Y, who hold management positions at the moment, although they started their careers as nurses.

In fact, one of the essential condition of the possibility to obtain the management position is having qualifications required for the position. In actuality, qualifications for the management position vary consistently depending on specific requirements of the health care organization. At the same time, it is possible to single out such qualifications as well-developed organizational, communication and planning skills. The combination of these skills opens large opportunities for the nursing staff to continue the career development and to reach the management position. Organizational skills are required to maintain the efficient performance of the organization and redistribution of functions and responsibilities among the manager’s subordinates. Communication skills are essential to maintain positive interpersonal relations between the manager and subordinates, along with clients and colleagues. As for planning skills, they are essential to elaborate accurate plans of the organizational development because managers should lead their subordinates toward the achievement of organizational goals. If they do not have well-developed planning skills, they may fail because they are unable to set the direction and identify means of the achievement of strategic goals of the organization. Instead, they will be able just to deal with routine tasks and performance and they will be unable to adopt new approaches to management, in case of emergency or unexpected changes in the workplace environment, which are often the case in the health care setting.

Training required for obtaining the management position is also very important. In this regard, nurses, who are willing to obtain the management position, should have respective certificates and licenses to be able to work in the field of health care services. The professional training in the field of nursing and management is essential, if one attempts to obtain the management position in the nursing environment.

In fact, the management position in the nursing environment requires a number of skills that managers have to improve constantly, before and after they obtain the management position. In this regard, communication, organizational and planning skills are just a few to mention. In actuality, applicants for the management position should have a combination of nursing and managerial skills. Otherwise, they will be unable to work effectively at the management position in the nursing environment.

Obtaining the management position is quite challenging for the nursing staff but still nurses can overcome them, on the condition of the hard work and ongoing training and development of professional skills and abilities. The major challenge may be the consistent extension of functions and responsibilities of the managers and many nurses are just unprepared to take such a burden on them. However, the professional training and development of managerial skills can help to overcome such challenges.

At the same time, the development of professional skills can help to gain success in nursing and obtain the management position. However, achievements of nurses do not always lead to their career development and the promotion to the managerial position. To put it more precisely, both interviewees pointed out that they knew many nurses, who have been true professionals, who have managed to reach perfection in their professional performance as nurses, but they have never been promoted to the management position (Limentani, 1999). In this regard, the interviewees emphasized the importance of the development of managerial skills, which are essential for obtaining the management position. Even the most experienced and well-qualified nurse may fail at the management position, if the nurse does not have well-developed managerial skills. The management position implies the professional training in the field of management to develop basic managerial skills, which may be enhanced in the course of the further professional development of a person.

At the same time, professional training alone is not enough for success and for obtaining the management position. Instead, individuals should have internal inclinations and abilities to be effective managers (Benoff & Grauman, 1997). For instance, one of the interviewees noticed that a good manager should also be a good leader, who is capable to communicate with subordinates effectively. Otherwise, the manager can hardly reach a considerable success or further promotion, while, in case of nurses, they are even unlikely to obtain a management position. Therefore, leadership skills and abilities are very important for the promotion to the management position, especially if a person starts career as a nurse.

Thus, the management position of often desirable but difficult position to achieve for nurses. The management position requires the development of managerial skills along with nursing skills. In addition, this position imposes larger responsibilities and new functions that may become unaffordable for applicants, who are willing to obtain this position.



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