Persuasive Speech Outline to the Topic of Children & Video Game Playing

General Purpose: to inform the audience about the impact of video games on children.

I. Introduction:

In today’s stressful society, technological advancement and new technological opportunities continue to make a powerful impact on the individual’s lifestyles, communication, daily activities, relationships, moods and behaviors.

Thesis: More and more children continue to engage themselves into virtual reality spending long hour playing violent video games, which makes a powerful negative impact on their physical and emotional health, behaviors, moral values, and learning performance.

II. Body

1. The sense of natural environment has been lost and forgotten and now children prefer playing video games rather than real-life activities, which makes its devastating effect on their health, both physical and emotional.

  • A. Excessive video game playing leads to serious health complications and chronic illnesses.
  • B. Playing violent video games often results in child’s emotional instability.
  • C. Video game playing leads to child’s aggression, violence, “repetitive strain disorders and video-game addiction” (Bavelier et al. 768).

2. Children find virtual reality as an opportunity to spend great time, entertain, and eliminate pressure, which in its turn, may lead to poor social interactions, depressive disorders, irritation, and inappropriate behaviors.

  • A. Innovative video gaming techniques and game stimulations often cause stress, aggressiveness, and pressure.
  • B. Young generation has completely lost a sense of social life interactions and real life communication.
  • C. Playing violent video games for more than two hours per day are “significantly associated with a higher number of depressive symptoms among preadolescent youth.” (Tortolero et al. 614)

3. Innovative video gaming techniques, virtual interactions, and electronic manipulations make children addictive, which in its turn negatively affect child’s academic performance, moralities, and cognition in general.

  • A. Child’s excessive engagement in video gaming causes so-called “kills time effect” and makes children forget about their learning goals and academic tasks.
  • B. Exposure to violent electronic media “is a causal risk factor for increased aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, and aggressive affect, and for decreased empathy and prosocial behavior.” (Prot et al. 114)

III. Conclusion.

I do not consider we should completely refuse from virtual activities, computer devices, and video game playing but it is crucially important to develop more “intelligent”, moderate, and well-balanced approach to interactive digital media use in order to eliminate the possible risks and health problems among children.

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