Personality Tests and Consumer Behavior Free Essay

Personality Tests and Their Impact in the Field of Marketing


Personality tests are the most common type for many corporations. It is designed to identify personal characteristics, character traits, diagnosis of mental states, the definition of professional and social orientation, psycho-diagnostics of self-consciousness (behavior, will, attention). Also, personality tests can identify the level of expression of each trait or, on the basis of aggregate data, refer a person to one type or another.

Marketing is now on its rise and hitting the high records of its popularity, success, and functioning in the XXI century. A plethora of businesses has been striving to highlight and enhance value and market essence by individuating their brands and attaching them all to virtues that most appeal to the preferences of the consumers. Accordingly, “understanding consumers’ personality traits and creating a targeted marketing strategy towards these groups has the potential to revolutionize marketing” (Kleinhen, 2012). So, what does it mean? It implies that diving deeply into consumers’ behavior, tastes, choices, and aims can be significant only under one condition, i.e., identifying, analyzing and studying the preferences, peculiarities, and strength of the target market.

No psychologists and marketers could conclude one mutual point to improve customers’ involvement and the company’s efficacy. However, the way consumers interpret information provided by the organizations can significantly boost the performance. If marketers can match the framing and tone or marketing with the personality profiles and potential customers’ perceptions, learning, and memory, and thinking, then they will be able to boost the effectiveness of the brand within the target market. One can increase the effectiveness of marketing messages and other types of persuasive communication by tailoring them to people’s psychological profiles (Kleinhen, 2012).

It is no wonder that consumer perception is of importance and affected by everything the marketer does. As a result, the company should reach consumers’ loyalty and decision-making by understanding their behavior, traits, and personalities so that the customer will trust the brand. Customer perception is not influenced by just one factor as it is a result of everything the brand says, does, and puts out into the world (Snowberry, 2017). Such factors as product pricing, product packaging, product quality, brand values and ethics, brand history and reputation, customer service are the main factors for boosting consumer perception and enhancing the brand. Consequently, knowing all the ins and outs of personalities, preferences, even secretive initiatives of the clients can successfully lead to the idyll of the organization.

Personality marketing is just one aspect of a new, fast-emerging approach to understanding people from the inside out (Graves & Matz, 2018). Once a marketer puts a strong and deep understanding of the customer journey, the ambiguousness disappears, and target market rises. Additionally, it is essential to think not only as the marketers and brand-promoters but also as consumers of own brand, because being in clients’ shoes can give an excellent insight into strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities of the company’s functioning. The final step – and the “art” of personality marketing – is to craft the messaging, advertising or content to match different personality profiles while also considering the stage of the customer journey (Graves & Matz, 2018). Notably, personality marketing opens up the doors of consumers’ personalities’ intricacies; as a result, this outcome leads to beneficial buying decisions and, ultimately, right lifestyle choices within the brand.

Lastly, marketing strategy should solely focus on boosting customer loyalty, the increase of customer trust, the influence of buying decisions, and analysis of the target market’s principles, tastes, and motives. Only such a strategy can lead the company to favorable results and toughen the brand in the global arena. Therefore, personality marketing is now getting more and more beneficial and profitable across the globe.


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