Player Discipline Issue

1. How does player conduct effect sports franchises economically?

The player conduct has a considerable impact on sports franchises in economic terms because the improper behavior of a player can undermine the reputation of the brand of the franchise and shape a negative public opinion about the brand. The deterioration of the public image and the negative publicity of the player also leads to the negative publicity of the brand and related negative economic effects, including the decline of the attendance of sport events, the refusal of sponsors to cooperate with the sport franchise, decline of the TV audience, and other negative consequences which ultimately lead to the decline of revenues of the sport franchises.

2. Do sports franchises have moral obligations beyond their financial obligations?

Sport franchises should have moral obligations beyond their financial obligations because moral obligations are essential to maintain positive performance of sport franchises. Otherwise, if sport franchises pursue financial goals only, they will disregard players and customers but focus on the maximization of their profits only. Eventually, the ignorance of moral norms will lead to financial losses. This is why sport franchises need to have moral obligations as well.

3. Are players innocent until proven guilty? Does that matter to the team financially?

Players have to be innocent until proven guilty because this is the universal approach applied to all citizens and players should not be an exception. They have equal rights like other citizens and mere allegations cannot prove their guilt. Only if they are proven guilty their team has to confront financial sanctions, such as fines.

4. How do you expect the players union to respond? And will the policy be folded in to future labor negotiations?

The players union is likely to cooperate to prevent cases of a misconduct from the part of players because players and the union also need to have a positive public image to have the public support. Otherwise, the union will have a weak position in future labor negotiations since employers may disregard the organization that is discredited in a public eye. This is why the support of the development of a code of conduct for players or the enhancement of their accountability for their misconduct is likely to get support from the part of the players union because this will enhance the position of the union during future labor negotiation as the union will have a strong public support as the organization that stands for the proper behavior of players.

City Selection

The first choice for the NFL team is Vancouver, Canada. The city is a new for NFL but it has a considerable sport potential and a vast audience. The city will help NFL to expand northward and to attract the Canadian audience in Vancouver and the nearby area. The city has well-developed transportation system and infrastructure, while sports are very popular. The appearance of a new sport franchise and new sport will attract many football fans in the area.

San Antonio, Texas is an alternative in a fast growing part of the US. The city has a large population and many fans of football which are likely to support the new team. San Antonio is closely integrated into the US infrastructure and has a strong economic stand along with many potential sponsors and investors, who may support or invest into the new sport franchise.

Mexico City, Mexico is a bit risky project but this city has a great potential because it will break through NFL southward and bring the huge audience to the new sport franchise. Mexico is one of the largest cities in the world, but the audience of the new sport franchise is likely to be nationwide because there are no Mexican NFL teams so far.

Other cities in the list are as follows:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • San Diego, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Montreal, Canada
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Austin, Texas
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Dallas, Texas


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