Professional Growth: the Importance of Effective Management & Leadership


In today’s business environment, the topic about effective leadership becomes more and more important. Executive coaches, psychological experts, and business leaders continuously strive to develop and implement innovative stretegies and methodologies regarding business performance and organizational environment, clarify the importance of people and their leaders, and how leadership style, personal characteristics, and type of organizational behavior can affect the overall business productivity, functioning, employees motivation, and further organizational development. For more effective functioning managers and leaders should clearly understand organizational behavior (OB) theories and concepts, know about the importance of people within an organization, and become an expert in personal leadership style. In this professional growth paper I want to reflect the importance of effective management and leadership and describe how the course has helped me to become an effective manger and leader.

OB theories and concepts

According to Scandura (2016), OB is defines as “the study of individuals and their behaviors at work” (p.3). OB plays a core role in any business, as it helps managers and leaders understand how people interact within groups and build more efficient business environment. OB theories (personality, intelligence, motivation, perception, attitudes and behavior) can be applied to deal with complex human and organizational issues and to maximize the employees’ productivity, results, and achievements in business. There are a number of different models and concepts of OB, which may include improving productivity and job performance, increasing motivation and job satisfaction, enhancing innovative stretegies and tools, encourage commitment and effective collaboration within organization. I consider that first and foremost, it is essential to utilize the theory of employee’s motivation, which helps to increase job satisfaction, commitment, and productivity, and help the employee to achieve effective results. I consider that the theory of motivation can positively affect the overall functioning within organization, enhance the employee’s satisfaction, and clarify directions and visions in business. The theory of personality is also considered one of the most important as it helps leaders to determine the individual’s personality, clarify the best ways of motivation for the employee, and determine how this individual can affect the organizational culture and “fit in” into the diverse working environment. On the whole, I consider that all theories of OB significantly help managers and leaders; to me, OB theories help understand how to inspire, motivate, and lead the group of different individuals, how to motivate employees, resolve conflicts, and how to “intelligently” adapt to changes and organizational circumstances.

People & Organizational Success: Describe how people within an organization are critical to an organization’s success.

As evidence shows, people are considered the most valuable asset within organization. Thus, leaders should focus on their employees’ success, motivation, growth within organization, and the way people are organized. As evidence shows, “if properly designed, each individual role provides a unique contribution to the achievement of the organization’s goals” (Flamholtz & Randle, 2016, p.160) People are critical to organization’s success as much of what still depends on the employees’ innovative ideas, implementations, productivity, and hard work that can make a strong impact on organization’s long-term goals, its further place and development in today’s competitive environment. People are responsible for their specific roles and jobs within organization but work for one common purpose – “to help organization achieve its mission, objectives, and goals.” (Flamholtz & Randle, 2016, p.160) Thus, people are critical to success within organization as they help maximize the organization’s functioning, efficiency, productivity, and further success.

Personal Leadership Style: Describe your personal strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, styles, and personality, and how understanding of yourself can make you a more effective manager and leader.

Leadership style is an important tool for organizational success, which helps leaders follow the right direction, implement beneficial stretegies within organization, and increase the employees’ motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction. Depending on personal traits, characteristics, and personality type, leaders can practice different leadership styles, such as autocratic, democratic, strategic, participative, transformational, transactional, charismatic, or team leadership styles. All of them possess their strengths and weaknesses, but it is critical to “intelligently” use your “leadership power”. Each leadership style strongly depends on the leader’s functioning, situation, and employees’ attitudes and behaviors. When it comes to my personal leadership style, I strive to practice democratic leadership as it brings multiple advantages and benefits to organizational further success and positively affect the employees’ productivity, motivation, and desire to work harder toward one common goal. Democratic style enhances honest relationships between leaders and their people, develop trustworthy, and encourage open and honest discussions, in which every individual has an opportunity to express their likes/dislikes, offer new ideas, or propose new business growth stretegies. To achieve successful results in business, managers should clearly determine their personal strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and personality type. As evidence shows, an understanding of personal self, traits, behaviors, and personal characteristics can significantly contribute to becoming a more effective manager and leader. When it comes to my own personality, I possess high openness to new experiences; I strive to use every opportunity to discover something new and unique for personal growth, develop original ideas. I have an energetic, enthusiastic personality, easily adoptable to any situation; possess a unique ability to resolve conflicts. I am an extravert, which helps me domineer among others at work and achieve effective results. Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on long tasks or activities; I experience challenges in time management, thus long complex projects are not for me. Responsibility is one of my core strengths, which help me develop honest and trustful relationships, effectively collaborate with different personalities, and make effective decisions.


Leadership is a unique ability to influence a group of different individuals, inspire and motivate them to achieve effective results or one common purpose. This course helped me understand that leadership requires not only the individual’s certain characteristics, talents, knowledge, and inner perceptions, but also an ability to cope with certain changes within organization. This course helped me evaluate leadership abilities, determine personal strengths and weaknesses, understand how people can affect organizational success, and discover how to effectively organize, lead, motivate, and inspire the employees to achieve best results.


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