Proper Formatting of Assignments

The proper formatting of assignments is crucial for academic writing because the proper formatting reveals the ability of individuals to follow the recommended standards succinctly. At the same time, the proper formatting of assignments involved the use of standards set for the particular format that should be applied to all assignments. The proper formatting of assignments helps to develop one’s responsibility because the more assignments one completes the more experienced he/she becomes in the proper formatting, while the respect to the proper formatting helps to enhance his/her professional skills and abilities.

Importance of Understanding Formatting

The proper formatting is the manifestation of professional responsibility of individuals and their ability to follow existing recommendations and standards. The established format standards are essential to follow because they are introduced to help students to adopt standards of academic writing and prepare them to the work in the academic environment. In addition, such standards help to develop accuracy and responsibility.

The proper understanding of formatting helps to apply the standardized format to all papers that helps to learn how to work with documentation. The latter is particularly important in the nursing environment, where the proper documentation is not just the matter of one’s professional responsibility but often it may be the matter of patients’ life and health. The accuracy of documentation determines, to a significant extent, one’s ability to perform his/her professional functions properly and the proper formatting and its understanding manifest the extent of one’s responsibility.

Crediting Sources

The selection of sources is another important step that is essential for academic writing, which though is closely intertwined with the proper formatting. Sources comprise the core of the academic writing and research because they provide the major source of information for a researcher. Credible and reliable resources are, therefore, crucial for academic writing and research. The selection and identification of target resources helps to create the theoretical framework on the ground of which one can develop the further study.

The credibility of sources is another important factor that researchers have to take into consideration, while selecting sources for their studies. The credibility of resources depends on multiple factors but the point is to obtain sources from reliable resources and select those resources which match the topic of the study the best. In this regard, sources should be peer reviewed articles obtained from reputable databases or libraries and have credentials that prove their scientific reliability and validity. Moreover, all sources should be properly formatted in the bibliography page as well as within the paper. All sources should be properly cited, whenever a writer uses them in the paper.


Thus, proper formatting is an integral part of the successful academic writing and studies. Proper formatting is the manifestation of one’s professional preparedness and responsibility. At the same time, proper formatting also involves the proper use of sources taken from reliable and reputable resources.



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