Pros of Gun Control

Mass shootings have become a serious challenge for the public safety in the US, while school shootings as the one that took place in Sante Fe on May 18, 2018, when ten victims were shot dead, including eight students and two teachers, and many others wounded (Hanna et al. 3). Mass shootings are particularly dangerous because they lead to numerous casualties. At the same time, such shootings evoke the heat debate over the enhancement of the gun control and the ban of the right to own and wear gun by Americans. However, the debate of the gun control often involves quite contrary views. On the one hand, there are proponents of the gun control, who stand on the ground that the gun control is the only way to prevent teens and children, mentally ill patients, and criminals from easy access to gun. However, the main problem of the gun control in the US is the gun culture which raises unsurpassable barrier on the way to the gun control. Therefore, the gun control is important and essential step to put the end to mass shootings and other risks and threats associated with the possible use or misuse of guns.

The background of gun control issues relate to notorious cases of shootings or use of weapon in crimes that lead to numerous casualties. At this point, it is possible to refer to the case of Santa Fe High School shooting that occurred on May 18, 2018 which resulted in injuries of many students and death of eight students and two educators. The predator was a 17 year old student of Santa Fe High School, who shot other students and educators and planned to shoot himself. This tragedy has triggered the new wave of debate over the gun control at the federal level. Many proponents of the gun control insisted that the gun control is essential to put the end to such tragedies.

However, even though tragedies like one in Santa Fe cause the public debate over the ban of the gun ownership and use, they still fail to go any further because the gun control means changes to the US Constitution, which grants Americans with the right to own and bear arms. The American Constitution is the major obstacle on the way to the introduction of the strict gun control because the introduction of the new amendment to the US Constitution is too complicated and needs the extensive support from the part of the US Congress. The issue of the gun control is so controversial that the Congress cannot introduce the gun control legislation because there are not enough supporters to back up the new law and to introduce the amendment to the US Constitution. The opposition to the gun control is still too strong because of the traditional gun culture of the US, since the gun ownership is deep-rooted in American culture and Americans cannot just refuse from their right to own and bear gun, even though they know that ownership of guns and the lack of the gun control leads to numerous tragedies with numerous casualties as was the case of Santa Fe High School shooting.

In such a situation benefits of the gun control are obvious and very strong but Americans are just unprepared to accept pro gun control arguments because of their traditions. However, positive effects of the gun control are obvious because the gun control addresses the root problem of many crimes, including mass shootings (Irons 78). The gun control focuses on the ban or very strict control over gun ownership and use. The gun control means the consistent restriction of the right of Americans to own and bear arms. The purpose of the gun control is to limit the ownership and use of gun by citizens. In spite of the seeming attempt to limit rights of Americans, the gun control legislation aims at the enhancement of the public safety due to the reduction of gun accidents, crimes involving the use of guns and many other issues related to the ownership and use of guns.

At this point, the most expected effect of the gun control is the prevention of mass shootings like the one that took place in Santa Fe. The risk of mass shootings decreases because offenders will not have such easy access to guns as they do have now. On the contrary, to carry out their shooting plans, perpetrators will have to find the weapon first and that would be illegal way to obtain the gun, while legal attempts to gain the ownership of gun may draw the police attention. In such a way, offenders are more likely to be identified and detained at the preparatory stage of their crime rather than after they have already committed their crime (Miller et al.1990). For example, the Santa Fe High School perpetrator was a minor. If the gun control law was enacted, he could not obtain the gun in the legal way. He would have to obtain the gun in the illegal way, but the question is whether he would be capable to obtain the gun illegally at all. If he did not obtain the gun, he could not commit his crime. Naturally, he could choose a different weapon, for example, a knife, but, in such a case, he would be unlikely able to cause such numerous casualties and injure so many victims as he did with the gun he used.

In addition, the gun control prevents teens and children from accessing weapon that is another way to prevent mass shootings as well as the use of firearms by children. At this point, the Santa Fe shooter case is particularly noteworthy because the minor took the gun of his parents, who apparently failed to prevent the access of the minor to the gun. The gun control would make such an opportunity absolutely impossible because children and minors will not get access to the weapon which their parents do not have the right to own and bear. At this point, it is also worth mentioning that children may play with gun, if the gun is in their reach, and such play may cause severe injury or death of children. For example, there are cases, when children play or just want to show the gun their parents owned to their siblings or friends and shot them dead by accident. Moreover, there are cases, when children shoot their siblings, friends, or parents purposefully and their access to the weapon facilitates the crime they commit.

The gun control prevents the risk of accidental shooting because of the lack of accessibility to guns. Often, the gun is the cause of accidental shootings. For example, when the owner of the gun is trying to clean it and the gun shoots back accidentally. Such cases often lead to lethal outcomes for the gun owners. In the best case, gun owners survive but suffer from injuries caused by the weapon (Brown & Merritt 3). The gun control would simply make such cases impossible because people will not have weapon in their ownership. Even if some people retain the right to own weapon, the gun control will definitely cut the number of Americans with weapon drastically that will naturally minimize the risk of gun accidents.

Finally, the gun control decreases the risk of violence and violent crimes that involve the use of weapon. The problem of crimes committed with the help of guns is very challenging because offenders have the easy access to firearms which they may use in robberies or other crimes they commit against other citizens. In response, citizens have little options to counteract and confront offenders. If they try to resist, they may be shot dead or injured severely (Dizard, et al. 105). The gun control will reduce the risk of such crimes, because criminals will be able to get access to firearms in the illegal way only, while legal opportunities to take a gun would be limited substantially. Less weapon means fewer violent crimes because firearms are much dangerous than other tools available to offenders and it is easier for the police to detain offenders that do not possess firearms. On the contrary, armed offenders are very dangerous and many police officers face the risk of being shot by offenders in the course of their detention and arrest.

Thus, the gun control is essential for the prevention of many crimes that involve the use of crime, mass shootings, accidental shooting and other problems associated with the use of guns. At the moment, mass shootings like the one in Santa Fe High School occur because of the availability of gun to children, teens, and adults. The gun control will minimize those risks and help to secure many Americans from accidents and crimes that involve the use of firearms. The prevention of crimes that involve the use of guns is the major reason for the gun control.

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