Real and Challenging Questions: A Response Free Essay

Proposal to Require Abortion Pills

Real and Challenging Questions: A Response

The debate over abortion is long-lasting and persists for decades in the US. Today, the debate is still relevant and abortion gains more and more proponents, who do not just tolerate abortion but believe abortion is good. More important, proponents of abortion emerge even within the Christian community. However, all those proponents of abortion seem to have forgotten the word of God and view exceptional cases, when abortion is needed to save the life of a woman, as a reasonable justification for thousands or even more of abortions which occur every day worldwide for any reason, while the majority of reasons for abortion has nothing to do with the threat to the life of the mother. Therefore, instead of accepting abortion as a regular part of human life, people should recall the word of God and realize that abortion is intrinsically wrong and unacceptable, at least for any true Christian.

The problem of abortion persists and, more important, abortion becomes more and more available option for women, while moral and religious aspects of the act remain either ignored or underestimated. At this point, it is possible to refer to a recent legal initiative in California. A California state legislator is reviving an effort to require public universities to provide abortion pills on college campuses after Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar measure earlier this year (Luna, 2018). Abortion pills will definitely spin abortion out of control since abortion will become not even a choice but a regular practice of women. Women will not even need to go to a surgeon to get the abortion. Instead, they may just use abortion pills instead

Moral effects of abortion pills are possible to foresee and such effects are likely to bring the total degradation of Christian values. More important, babies will not be viewed as living beings or gifts of God anymore because women will not view pregnancy responsibly. Pills make abortion as easy and available as it has never been before. Therefore, women will not care much whether they get pregnant or not because there are abortion pills they can use anytime. In such a way, abortion will become routine, while, in its essence, abortion is extraordinary because abortion is the act of taking the life of the baby before the baby is born.

Moreover, abortion contradicts to the main principles of Christianity and divine laws. God is the only One Who has the authority to take a life seeing that He is the Author of Life. Clearly, God calls a baby a human being and calls them by name even before they were born (Jer 1:5).  Is the unborn fetus a baby or not? It seems that even the unborn are considered a living human being and is called a baby as we read “when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit” (Luke 1:41). Here is the Word of God calling the unborn John the Baptist a baby even before he is born! However, proponents of abortion pills have apparently no idea of the word of God. Unfortunately, they do not even imagine consequences of the introduction of abortion pills.

Thus, divine laws and Christian norms that ban abortion are as relevant as they have never been before because abortion now is as easy and available as it has never been before either. Abortion pills are a devilish instrument in hands of women, who play God as they decide whether to let their baby to live or not.



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