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Professional Nursing: Concepts and Challenges

Reflection Paper

Existing recommendations have a considerable impact on the future of nurse work and my own performance as a nurse. At this point, the recommendation to increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020 is very important because it sets the educational requirement I, as a nurse, has to comply with. This recommendation urges nurses to elevate their educational level to the baccalaureate degree, at least, to ensure that they comply with that recommendation. However, the problem is that obtaining such a degree may be challenging for many nurses and they will just left aside and drop out of the profession. nevertheless, this recommendation is worth following and implementing because it is the matter of the qualification and, therefore, the quality of work of nurses. Hence, nurses should work on the professional development and elevate their educational level steadily throughout their career.

At the same time, the recommendation to double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020 seems to be questionable and even unrealistic in the context of the previously discussed recommendation. To put it more precisely, the double increase of the number of nurses means a very hard work on training of nurses. More important, they should have at least the baccalaureate degree that means that within a short period of time, a couple of years, as the matter of fact, a large number of nurses have to be trained. In addition, one should consider whether doubling the number of nurses is necessary since many health care organization consider cutting nursing positions to save costs and optimize their performance and every time the economy experiences a considerable downturn the nursing staff is always at risk. However, if such recommendation is implemented, this will open a great opportunity for me to get a better education, a baccalaureate degree, and get job since nurses will be wanted in the industry twice as much as they are now. This recommendation is an opportunity for my career as a nurse.

In this regard, the recommendation to ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning seems to be quite logical and reasonable because the lifelong learning is essential for nurses now because science and technology progress too fast and nurses just cannot stop in their professional development. As a nurse, I have to keep progressing and learning lifelong to ensure I am capable to provide patients with high quality services.

Taking into consideration my educational level which is AND and I am going to complete BSN in 2 months, I can conclude that I will be still competitive in the labor market. However, I believe that the competition will grow stronger in the course of time. Nevertheless, if the demand on nurse staff grows twice, I will get quite good chances to get employed and if I carry on my learning and obtain a higher degree, I will be able to get a better competitive position in the market.

This is why I am going to increase my level of education by getting a BSN to comply with the recommendations and to become more competitive in the current job market. Increasing my level of education affects my role in the future of nursing because the higher is my level of education more qualified I become that means that I will be able to deliver nursing care services of the higher quality.

Thus, existing recommendations motivate me as well as other nurses to obtain higher education and open new opportunities for the employment, while education becomes a determinant factor for the competitive position in the nursing job market.


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