Research Method of “A Rite of Passage Approach Designed to Preserve the Families of Substance-abusing African American Women”

The state of addicted African American women is quite difficult nowadays but it is better than it used to be, though. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the addiction is an incurable phenomenon. Vice versa, numerous studies show that it is still quite possible to successfully treat the drug addiction if everything is done properly. Any scientific work is considered reliable only if it uses proper research methods. Thus, the main goal of the given assignment is to identify the main research methods applied in “A Rite of Passage Approach Designed to Preserve the Families of Substance-Abusing African American Women”.

To begin, the given article explains how it is possible for African American women to get rid of drug addiction. Since the topic is of vital importance, it is clear that the most reliable and effective research methods can be used. First of all, analyzing data represents the basis of the study where the authors collect and deal with big samples of information concerning African culture, role of family for African American women, and ways of curing the addiction (Poitier, Niliwaambieni, & Rowe, 1997). The information obtained with the help of this research method provides us with the opportunity to have a comprehensive picture of the topic under consideration.

Then, the previous method gave rise to the next one i.e. identifying patterns. Once the necessary information is collected and analyzed, it is a good choice to look for some patterns that will help us better understand everything. For example, it refers to the identified conclusion that African American women are in extremely close relations with their families, which made their families an inevitable part of the drug addiction treatment process (Poitier, Niliwaambieni, & Rowe, 1997).

To conclude, we must state effective research methods must be used to a really professional and reliable study. Their choice depends on the precise goals of your study.


Poitier, V. L., Niliwaambieni M., & Rowe C. L. (1997, January/February). A rite of passage approach designed to preserve the families of substance-abusing African American women. Child Welfare, 76(1), 173-195. (2016) The terms offer and acceptance [Online].
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[Accessed: November 26, 2021]
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