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How to Cultivate Purpose (and Autonomy, Collaboration, and Excellence) in Companies and 40 Foods Distributor Research Survey


The case studies HOW TO CULTIVATE PURPOSE (AND AUTONOMY, COLLABORATION, AND EXCELLENCE) IN COMPANIES and 40 Foods Distributor reveal how to make the business run smoothly and reveal the full potential of business. If How to Cultivate Purpose focuses on the development of clear purpose, autonomy, collaboration, and excellence as the key drivers of the improvement of the employee and organizational performance , then 40 Foods Distributor reveals that the introduction of innovative and healthy products can make the company really successful and attract many customers. From Morgan’s metaphors’ perspective, 40 Foods Distributor uses the organismic approach because it attempts to adapt to the changing environment and meet needs of customers, while Hot to Cultivate views the organization as culture, where employees have to be highly motivated and need to have the clear purpose, autonomy, collaboration and excellence.

The business problems

How to Cultivate Purpose raises the problem of the poor organizational performance and the low motivation of employees that results in the poor performance and overall decline of the potentially successful business.

40 Foods Distributor raises the problem of the deterioration of the organizational performance in face of growing health concerns of consumers and the gap between the quality of products and customer expectations.

The critical issues

The critical issue for How to Cultivate Purpose is the lack of the clear purpose and vision for employees which they could reach having certain freedom in their work. Therefore, the clear purpose was the key issue that was an essential condition of the overall business success.

40 Foods Distributor views health concerns of consumers as one of the key issues for companies operating in food-related industries and companies should focus on the consumer health as one of the major issue in their business development.

The proposed solutions

How to Cultivate Purpose offers simply but effective solution which incorporates four constituent elements: purpose, autonomy, collaboration, and excellence. These four elements have to be closely integrated and they will stimulate and motivate employees to work better and to improve the organizational performance.

40 Foods Distributor suggests shifting toward healthy products which have a positive impact on consumer health. This solution is effective because it meets current needs of customers and makes food products healthy for consumers. This feature is pivotal for the overall marketing success of food products and beverages.


At the same time, in case of How to Cultivate Purpose, it is possible to recommend introducing the broader vision to help employees to comply the purpose they pursue with the strategic vision of the company’s development. Such a blend of strategic vision and practical purposes will help employees to get clearly what they have to do and what they have to achieve at their position.

As for 4o Foods Distributor, the company should also consider the development of environmental projects which could help to attract more public attention and customers to the company and enhance its brand image as a company oriented on meeting customer needs and taking care of customers and natural environment. This strategy would enhance the overall positive effect of focusing on the healthy food and reveal the social responsibility of the company.


Thus, the two case studies reveal different strategies which may be applied to businesses to enhance the organizational performance and to improve the competitive position of businesses. The use of metaphors help to understand better the key elements and issues of each case study and identify the effective approach the company may use to reach positive outcomes and to resolve problems the company confronts at the moment.



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