What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents? | Essay

Car accidents may have disastrous effects on the life and health of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. In this respect, it is important to identify the major causes of car accidents to elaborate policies that could prevent those causes and, therefore car accidents.

In actuality, the distraction of attention while driving is one of the major causes of car accidents. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that often drivers use their mobile phones talking or sending or receiving text messages, while driving. As a result, they cannot stay focused on driving and, if the situation on the road changes unexpectedly, the accident occurs. For instance, a driver may read a text message while driving and fail to notice a turn or a road sign that may cause a car accident. Such problem of the lack of attention to driving and performance other tasks but driving is one of the main cause of car accidents, especially today, when the number of devices destructing the attention of drivers increases.

Another cause of car accidents is driving under the influence (DUI). In fact, DUI is a serious problem because drivers cannot keep their vehicles under control, if they drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As a result, they become inattentive, aggressive and cannot drive their vehicles safely. Hence, car accidents occur frequently and the consumption of alcohol or drugs before driving increases the risk of a car accident substantially.

Thus, the major causes of car accidents are DUI and the lack of attention to driving because of using mobile phones, for instance.


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