Social Variables Free Essay

An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist

Race, gender and class have always been controversial topics in the entire world. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, these issues are still a part of the social interactions. It is a historically proved fact, that social inequality, exploitation, and oppression are the consequent reflections of the categorization the population into social groups. These topics within the context of the inequality are intertwined with all of the spheres of the human lives – relationships, work, school, leisure time, and most importantly – health. For example, in the field of education, while children tend to score the highest grades among all of the children, explaining that indicators of socioeconomic statuses, such as free or reduced-price school lunch, are highly predictive of economic outcomes. Health itself is quite a controversial topic, as everyone desires to be healthy. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet created the medicine that will cure us all. However, sociological imagination is what can help each of us decrease or even eradicate the negative phenomenon currently existing in the society. Sociological imagination aims to teach a person view him/herself from a different perspective, from a position that does not pertain him/her a usual one.


Social variables, such as race, gender, and class are directly connected to all of the social life spheres. In the case of this study, health is the field of life, which we will focus on. Therefore, it is essential to investigate how scholars view the way that race, gender, and class are related to health.


Exploring the Relation of Health and Race, Gender and Class

Discrimination has always been a problem in society. What is more, the discrimination usually happens on more than one levels. This is due to its miltifacionality and multidimensionality. It may range from unfair interpersonal treatment of the minorities for any reason to systematic and institutional bias which insult the whole layer or a bunch of representatives of the group. Unfortunately, those are examples of prejudice and stereotypes of African-Americans and Latinos to be potential criminals and drug dealers (Conley 27). Any individual, or a group of individuals, who are considered superior to another individual, feel powerful enough to discriminate against the person, representing a minority, and usually, such interaction is considered within legal norms. “Less interpersonal and more distal forms of discrimination, such as institutional discrimination, have been deemed the most detrimental forms of discrimination given their ability to negatively influence large numbers of low power targets at once and given the absence of one identifiable perpetrator.” (Conley 29) In the latter context, the people, who are superior to others in the job position, can be discriminative towards the large group of people, who are within the same sphere. The known discrimination in the worldly community is represented by racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and social class discrimination.

Health is the life factor that literally every person on Earth is familiar with. Regardless of race, gender, place of living, income, age – all of the people want to be healthy. Sociologies view the problem of poor health in particular representatives of the group as a the increased risk for the wider community. Unfortunately, there is a huge inequality in the healthcare system, due to the discrimination. In the book “You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist,” Dalton Conley (2017) find out that socioeconomic status (SES) is highly affected by the racial background and vice versa. “SES is a complex and multi-dimensional concept comprising a range of factors encompassing economic resources, power and/or prestige that can influence health at different times in the life course, at different levels (e.g., individual, household, neighborhood)” (Conley 90). For example, the author states that Asians have a high SES, white people’s rate of college graduation is much higher (almost twice as high), in comparison to people from black or Hispanic households.

Sociology is an integral science of modern times. It helps humanity understand, predict, and eradicate the adverse outcomes of the diversification which is taking place due to globalization. Sociological equality will help people obtain harmony in their minds and souls.


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