The Development Of Software : Waterfall & Agile Methodologies Essay

The development of software comprises an integral part of the effective organizational performance. This is why methodologies of the development of software are very important for the overall effectiveness of the development and implementation of software to enhance the organizational performance. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish waterfall and agile methodologies, which are used by organizations and which are often applied to project management.

Waterfall methodologies are classical methodologies used to develop software. These methodologies involve the linear development of software, when the purpose of software, resources available, and development and implementation of the new software are planned step by step (Tanenbaum, 2003). Waterfall methodologies have close relationship to the PMBOK process groups because project managers set tasks that are essential for the implementation of the particular project and that software should match. The development of software based on waterfall methodologies is incorporated into the general plan of the particular project.

Agile methodologies are newer methods that involve the team work on software, when the software development project is divided into sprints, which involve the implementation of the particular project and development. Agile methodologies also have close relationship to the PMBOK process groups because project managers set specific tasks, which software developers should comply with (Senl, 2008). In contrast to waterfall methodologies, agile methodologies do not have the linear development process but focus on specific areas which the team working on software completes according to the requirements of the specific project.

The need for waterfall and agile methodologies vary depending on the particular project and circumstances of the implementation of either methodology. The waterfall methodology requires the clear plan, while agile methodology requires very specific tasks which the software team has to fulfill to meet specific goals set at every particular stage of the project (Viardot, 2011). Hence, waterfall methodologies need the accurate plan, while agile methodologies require setting accurate goals.

The advantages of extreme programming (XP) are obvious since the development of software based on extreme programming helps to create software that is effective and created fast. At any rate, extreme programming aims at the creation of software very fast, consistently faster compared to the traditional programming approaches based on waterfall methodologies.

In such a way, extreme programming has considerable advantages compared to the conventional programming. In this regard, the major advantage of extreme programming refers to its application in high-budget short-time projects. The major advantage of extreme programming is the fast creation of software and the high level of flexibility of software in terms of its development. Extreme programming allows developing software really fast and provides opportunities to meet specific requirements of customers to the full extent. Software developers can provide customers with the possibility to introduce changes in their projects and work on the adaptation of software to those changes. Extreme programming allows customers to receive products fast and such software meets their requirements better than software created with the help of traditional methods.

At the same time, there are some factors to consider when selecting a project management methodology, such as Waterfall vs Agile. One of the main factors is time because often projects are limited in time and, if projects require software fast, then agile methodologies should be used. Instead, if projects require well-planned, carefully prepared and tested software, then waterfall methodologies should be used because they involve the careful planning and testing of software before delivery to the customer.

Thus, the contemporary project management relies heavily on the development of software and the use of either waterfall or agile methodologies is very important. The choice of the methodology depends on specificities of every particular project, its goals and requirements.


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