Suicides Among Police Officers Free Essay

The Need for Psychological Health Research in Police to Prevent Suicide


Being a police officer means being always at the edge between life and death. People of this profession face a high risk of being killed, killing or becoming a witness of a criminal act on a daily basis. Statistical data points out that the need of developing effective strategies of police officers psychological support if sharp. The number of suicidal cases increases year by year. In 2016 there were 108 events, and in 2017 it grew to 140. During the past three months, in Chicago, three police officers killed themselves while on duty (Hope 2019). All those people experienced discomfort or were in depression because of various factors which are common and not typical for representatives of other professions (Violanti 2018).

Psychologists claim that the majority of suicidal cases are usually caused due to economic and social issues. However, the risk of finishing life in this way in police officers has different roots which must be investigated and treated accordingly. The problem is getting sharper as police officers do not apply for the help of a psychologist because they are afraid of losing their job (Miller 2018). “The police culture does not allow for the weakness of any kind, either physical or psychological” (Violanti 2018). Thus, they try to cope with their problems on their own.

The research in this field is necessary. It is critical to investigate what is currently done to improve the situation, what methods are effective and what must be implemented to improve the situation. The researcher is going to find the necessary information in the up-to-date sources found online. The information gathered will help the author raise the awareness of the community and pay closer attention to the needs and problems of the police officers who dedicate their lives to the safety and order of the modern society.


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