Summary of “Here I stand: A life of Martin Luther”

Step 1.

I decided to choose such a book for my essay, which will be delicious for my brain. In my humble opinion the book Here I stand: A life of Martin Luther is worthy of attention. Martin Luther was a son of the wealthy family by birth.  According to the author, his father was engaged in the extraction of copper and refining. One should not confuse this man with the U.S Baptist preacher, Martin Luther King. They were different people but much alike in their pursuit of freedom. This man lived in the 15th century. The fear of death forced him to become a monk instead of a lawyer.

Here is how his story began. Martin got caught in a thunderstorm after visiting his parents and in a state of panic promised Saint Anne to become a monk in gratitude for his salvation. The young man kept his promise and even was an honor student of the monastery. The Bishop of Brandenburg ordained Martin for obedience. Besides, he was allowed to teach theology at the University of Wittenberg. Religion has become an essential part of his life. However, the political crisis has ruined his plans. The problem was as far as Julius II wanted to mix observant and non-observant in one melting pot. The government of his monastery chose Martin as the advocate of their cause. He went to Rome and saw rampant corruption and the use of faith as a lever for gaining profit. Martin was severely disillusioned, but he did not lose faith. The church needed money for expensive reconstructions of Saint Peters’ Basilica and other buildings. The Pope and his entourage decided to earn money by forgiving sins. Martin did not like that and expressed his opposition to such a belief. He outlined his position on this issue in “95 Theses”. This work became a starting point of reformation. Martin questioned the power of Pope to sell a pardon. Martin Luther could be burned at stake for such freedom of expression. However, Frederick the Wise rescued him from the wrath of the Church. Frederick arranged interrogation in a safe place for the religious rebel.

The people of Germany treated him as a messiah and wanted to follow his ideas. This man inspired many influential people from other cities. Even though Martin Luther was a man of many contradictions and maniac-depressive, he was also a rebel, who has left an incredible mark in the history. Martin questioned practices of the Catholic Church because the Pop and his entourage stole from people of faith and misled them.

Just imagine the Pop, who sells places in heaven and passes from hell. He is hilarious. This convinced fighter for the truth had the nerve to oppose the Catholic Church. The ruler of the Spanish Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, Charles V wanted to punish him for open-mindedness but dragged his feet for too long. Lately, Charles V had issued a decree allowing anyone to kill an outlaw of the Empire. Martin Luther managed to escape from the town. After such liberties, the rebel was labeled as a traitor of the church. The Church and local authorities declared him persona non grata and burned some of his works. Martin inspired peasants, and they rebelled against the government. The religious reformer helped peasants to fight for their rights effectively. Luther King wrote a document, which is called The Twelve Articles.  Mostly, paragraphs of this document are devoted to the dissatisfaction of peasants with restrictions and taxes. The Church opposed his ideas. As a result, many monks and nuns rioted and decided to abandon the church. In 1525, Martin, in desperation, married Katharina von Bora because he believed that his ideas forced all those people to leave the monastery.

Only over time, the rest of people took the blinders off and started to believe in Jesus but not in the Pope. Different churches were plunged into long-term confusion and identity crisis. After successful organization of the coup, Martin Luther King went to the writing of a new testament for the German Bible. His life continued to be closely linked with religion. Luther began to preach at Saint Michael’s church, persuading infidels to join him.

Aside from all that, I figured out that Martin Luther is not his real name. His true name is Martin Luder. The father of Protestantism accustomed people to the celebration of Christmas. In the old days, religious people celebrated Saint Nicolas’ day and gave presents to their children on that day. Martin has opened the minds of many people to a more significant holiday. The name of this holiday is Christmas. This religious rebel had an educated hand and wrote more than 120 works during his life.

The attitude of Roland Bainton, the author of the book Here I stand: A life of Martin Luther, towards convinced fighter for the truth, has changed over time. At first, he called Martin, a hypocrite because this man urged people to fight for their liberty and at the same time justified executions of Anabaptists. After a while, Roland respected Martin for his attempts to fight against mob violence.

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Martin Luther and his books had a strong effect on the lives of people, including their mindset and way of talking. The father of Protestantism enlightened people, explaining the issue of real faith. Martin’s revolutionary ideas cracked the whole Christendom. This man sparked sleeping revolutionary spirit of Germans, who suffered from corruption. All his actions led to split of Western Europe into Catholic south and Protestant north. Augustinian friar decided to change the world, and he succeeded. His reforms have motivated people to look consciously at their lives. Martin Luther reawakened our desire to get to the bottom of the essence. He knew that people read the Bible for self-awareness. Money and faith cannot be tied together. Religious rebel made German-speaking lands independent from Rome. It seems more accurate to say that Martin threw the first stone into water and it fostered a wave of changes all over the world. The public always has questions for bad government. If one asks a troubling question, all the rest will be engaging in learning the answer.

However, there is another side of the picture. Despite all these positive developments, the religious revolution resulted in the emergence of many religious denominations. In earlier times, there was only the Roman Catholic Church, and only the Pope taught people how to lead a righteous life. Currently, people are even more confused than before. Each church claims that its gospel is true and people do not know whom they can trust. Religion has evolved into profitable business and clerics set prices on everything. Any rich man can rent the Sistine Chapel or buy a private tour of Pontifical’s residence in the Vatican. In order to back up this reaffirmation with supporting evidence, I will remind you that Justin Bieber paid $50 million for such a tour. According to Forbes, Porsche, German automobile manufacturer rented the Sistine Chapel in autumn 2014. Corrupt politicians began to launder dirty money in churches. Pastors have fallen so low that they even hire actors, who play roles of wayward orphans. Clerics prepare real performances to convince people of their direct connection with God. Old patterns soon returned, and currently, pastors can resurrect people for money and cure the incurable. Clerics again made themselves God and deceive the public. I heard one totally absurd story. The story tells about Zimbabwean pastor, who was selling anointed cucumbers in his church — hilarious story. Churches started to arrange fund-raising events. Many people donate crazy money to find God, gain forgiveness for their sins or salvation. Then what has changed since a religious coup conducted by Martin Luther? People still have the freedom of choice and can make up own minds. Churches do not have the power to take money from ordinary people forcibly. Every Christian gained access to the Bible and freedom to interpret it. Religious rebel gave us independence from papal authority. However, he did not know that it is only the beginning of commercialism. However, still, Luther felt the music and shared his masterpieces with the public. He wrote several church hymns. Thanks to him, now clerics can enjoy women and marry.  In the old days, people identified women with Eve, who tempted Adam and deprived him of heaven. Indians are still grateful to Martin for peace of mind brought by the Bible. Reformer contributed to the improvement of education level. German friar did not fully realize the consequences of his actions. He could not have predicted wars, millions of victims, who sacrificed their lives for freedom to believe in what they want to, ruined churches and destroyed artworks.

According to historical data, we all know that campaigns for rights and freedoms cannot be completed without sacrifices. I only wonder whether peasants were aware of how to build their lives by themselves. Maybe, it was easier for them to be dependent on the Pope and live according to his instructions. The majority of peasants were uneducated and unable to read. However, still, they were not slaves and had their right to choose someone to believe in freely, and it does not matter whether it was the Pope or Jesus.


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