Technical Description of Electric Fan Essay

Human bodies sweat in order to lose heat.  When the air is still, the process of evaporation goes slower. In addition, all sweat, which is evaporated from the surface of the skin stays close to the body. Finally, the 100 percent humidity is reached in the air, which surrounds the body. As soon as this effect is reached, the process of evaporation becomes ineffective and does not give a desired result. At this point a breeze can become an effective mean to create an air flow, which changes humidity level near the body. Electric fan can also become an effective mean to create an artificial move of air stream and produce necessary cooling effect. A fan replaces hot humid air around the body with cooler and drier one. This helps to reach the necessary cooling effect.

Electric fan is a devise, used to cool down the air. In general, most fans work by moving the air. While moving the air electric fan creates a breeze, which cools down living creatures close to it. In reality the stream of air, which goes from fan is not cool itself, but the movement of air makes a cooling effect.

Electric fan consists of a motor, blades and shafts.  The motor is run by electric current. Shaft attaches motor to fan blades. When the motor starts working, blades start rotation and start moving the air. Different fans can have different regimes. Usually electric fans have several regimes, which let to move blades with different speed. The speed of rotation is defined by the general revolution, produced by motor per minute. 

Despite the fact that most fans are run by electric motors, there are alternatives to it. In some cases, hydraulic motors or internal combustion engines can be used. In our case we study construction of the electric fan.

Fan blades produce flow of high volume but low pressure. In other words, the velocity of electric fan causes changes in air pressure. These changes create cooling effect and can help to create the effect of low temperature.

The fist image illustrates external elements, which constitute fan. The model displayed has stand, which has a cable which should be plugged into electric socket, it has a holder, which holds internal mechanism and blades. Blades are arranged in one construction. The arrangement of blades is called an impeller, or rotor. Usually blades are covered by the case. This case is used to prevent objects from contacting blades. On the big speed blades can make a serious injury.The motor, which makes the blade rotate is situated in the back side of the fan. It’s covered with plastic. The stay also has buttons, which let to switch the fan on and off. They also let choose operation mode. The speed of rotation can be  changed by switching rotation modes. The higher the speed of rotation, the more cooling effect is produced. The fan is powered from grid. It generates air flow. The blades are rotated thanks to motor rotation.

Electric fans  can be made of different materials. Usually they are made of plastic body frame, which also serve as a stay and a holder. Blades are usually made of metal. They are thin and light, in order to make the process of rotation easier. Standard fans have three blades. Blades have small curve, in order to increase the flow of air. The motor, which is situated inside of the body frame, consists of different metal parts.

Image 1.

Image 2. Rotating mechanisms

The image number two illustrates rotation mechanism, which makes electric fan rotate during their work.

Fans are mechanisms, which are used for climate control. They enable to cool surfaces, which are situated near the fan.

Electric fans can be used for thermal control in different situations. They are used in the houses to cool the living space. Some other devices, such as anemometers and wind turbines are constructed according to same principle as fans. Different vehicle engine cooling systems can be installed near radiators in order to cool them. Small fans are installed inside of the machines to cool down working mechanisms. Small fans are installed inside of computers and audio power amplifiers.  Large electric motors may have small fans either inside or outside of their cases. Fans can also be used in food production.   Fans are used for winnowing. For example, grains can be separated from chaff with the help of fan. Vacuum cleaner also works   according to this principle, when it removes dust. In this case the stream of air is directed from the vacuum cleaner and can be directed to remove the dust.

Despite the fact that electric fan creates cooling effect, it does not reduce the temperature in reality. It can even warm the temperatures, because the motor, which makes the blades rotate, warms up in the process of work. At the same time, electric fan makes evaporate the sweat and this creates a cooling effect. It also makes the air stream move and increases airflow. At the same time, electric fan can be ineffective when the temperature in the room is too high. It also can be ineffective in the rooms with high humidity.

Moving air helps human bodies to cool off. People lose heat through conduction, convection and evaporation. Losing heat is important part of thermoregulation process. The fan helps to reach the effect of convection and evaporation.


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