The Predicted Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Dune | Presentation Review

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Greetings to you all! Today we are going to talk about the predicted impact of climate change on coastal dune areas and how our project is going to help reduce the harm.

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To begin with, it is important to recognize that climate change is a serious problem that the humanity faces. While some might consider it to be a hoax, the scientific evidence shows that the climate on the planet will change gradually in the future. The three primary aspects that we will focus on is the rise of the sea level, the rise in the amount of precipitation, and the change in the biomass production.

Needless to say, that the factors mentioned above will affect the coastal dunes areas negatively. However, the important point is that our project will be able to reduce the harm.
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The first factor that we will discuss as the rise of the sea level. We deem it to be the most important one because coastal dunes are located near water by default. That is why it is clear that as the sea level rises, they will be gradually covered by water. As you can see on the slide, the expected rise of the sea level might change the relief profoundly.

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The next factor that is closely related to the issue of climate change is the rise of precipitation. As you can see on this map the standard deviation of precipitation intensity in many parts of the world is 1.5. Though it does not seem to sound particularly dangerous, one should note that the distribution of water affects ecosystems. Therefore, changes in precipitation will most certainly affect ecosystems in a number of ways. This impact can range from the direct harm done by rains and floods to the introduction of new species that will be attracted by the abundance of water.

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Finally, the third factor that we identified is biomass production change. It is closely related to the factor that was discussed previously as the distribution of biomass is closely related to the distribution of water. The important point to be mentioned here is that it is possible that biomass production will go down in some places and will intensify in others. In any case, the coastal dune areas are likely to face a major change in terms of the environment as the change in biomass will affect the relief as well.

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So, our project was designed to affect the situation in question in a number of ways. For the completion of it, we ask for 300,000 Australian dollars. The most of the money will be used to reinforce the dunes with additional sand. The next step would be to improve vegetation by plating new ones. The plants that will be introduced should be protected from various destructive external factors, including humans. That is why a protective perimeter should be set. Finally, a portion of the money will be used to pay the people involved.

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The project schedule will be designed as follows. The first task to be achieved would be to bring in the sand and distribute it in the dunes. This will involve minor tasks such as buying the sand, arranging its relocation, and hiring people to distribute it. The second task would be to introduce more plants to the dunes in order to reinforce the relief. Similar minor tasks will have to be completed prior to it. The third task would be to create a protective perimeter that would contribute to the preservation of the coastal dunes. This is done to make sure that the positive changes last.

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In order for the project in question to be successful, the project manager who oversees it is expected to have the following set of skills. The first is planning. After all, it is essential to make sure that everything will be done on time. Goal setting is the skills that are closely connected to planning: it shows the direction. Communication is also important as it ensures distribution of information. Judgment is needed to understand the situation at hand. Decision-making is the logical continuation of judgment. Finally, motivation is extremely important for the people who are involved in the project.
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There are several skills that are essential for the completion of the project. The first is the ability to work as a group. Different tasks will be distributed among the group members and they all should be able to pull their weight, knowing what exactly as expected of them. Secondly, communication skills will be useful as there will be numerous times when the group members might face some opposition. Finally, strategic thinking is also important because there will be no immediate benefits of work that is done, but a person needs to be motivated by the future results.

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As one can clearly see based on the evidence that was provided above, climate change will have a considerable negative impact on coastal dunes areas. However, people are able to reduce this harm with the actions that we propose. The primary negative factors that need to be taken into account are the rise of the sea level, the change in precipitation as well as the change in the production of the biomass. We proposed a project that will ensure that the coastal dunes will be able to deal with those negative consequences.

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Thank you for your attention. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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