The Role of Media in Youth’s Socialization Free Essay

The Influence of the Media on Youth on the Example of the Cartoon “Princess and the Frog”


Currently, the role of the media is significant. That is why the 21st century is called the “information age.” Thanks to the mass media, information and education of the population take place, politics and economics are formed. Without television, radio broadcasting, the Internet, the print press, it is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person. The media is an agent of familiarizing the individual with society; therefore, the activity of the mass media in the process of socialization is very significant. The formation of personality occurs under the constant influence of the information received, which affects the values, attitudes, and behavior of young people (Bennet, 23). Therefore, it can be said with confidence that among such social factors as family, education, and friends, the media’s place is quite significant.

For this assignment, I have selected the cartoon The Princess and The Frog for further discussion. Ten years passed since this media product occurred in the blue screens in each home inside and outside of the United States. Thus, several generations have learned the story of a young and ambitious waitress who dreamt of becoming a princess. Once she saw a frog and thought that giving a kiss to it will make him a prince. However, it worked in a different way, and she became a frog as well. The moral of the situation says that you should not expect to get benefits from others, sometimes you may lose your own position.

Since the discussed media is a cartoon many of the characters are represented as animals, insects, and other creatures. Unlike various other media products for children, I did not recognize any hazardous and stereotypical issues (Lippi-Green, 79). The cartoon is totally kind and funny. Thus, the possible problems of media influence on young people which are studied very actively by scientists all over the world cannot be observed in the cartoon. However, it provides a clear description of friendship, positive and negative outcomes of different actions.

The young people constitute a social group that uses the media to the maximum and eagerly draws information about various content. Moreover, young people are very inquisitive and want to be aware of all the events taking place not only in their city but throughout the world. In the cartoon, the two frogs decide to travel to find the wizard who made magic on the male frog making it contagious. They both enter various challenges and fight against problems equally. From my point of view, after the scandal of 1993, World Disney have made conclusions, and now their cartoons are more about the equality of men and women (Lippi-Green, 81). The Princess and The Frog is a cartoon without racial or social discrimination.

The Princess and The Frog is a wonderful product of the World Disney aired in 2009. In its product, the company has shown its understanding of modern time’s tendencies. The World Disney, as a primary source of media products for children and youths, can seem to realize their effect on the minds and hearts of their audience. They set the perfect personal norms of behavior characteristic of modern mass culture, which are reflected in the youth subculture and thus appropriated by adolescents, shaping their specific values, attitudes, and cultural behavior. In this area, of particular interest is the analysis of both positive and negative models of social behavior, distributed through media channels, because this is directly related to understanding the content of the context and mechanisms of socialization of adolescents.

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