Truck Simulator Games: ETS2 vs ATS


Simulator games are traditionally popular among players, who like to extrapolate the real world experience on their gaming experience. However, simulator games are very different from conventional games but they still are popular among fans of this genre. In this regard, one of the main conditions of the success of simulator games is their similarity to the real life. The more realistic the simulator game is the better. At this point, it is possible to refer to the case of European Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) and American Truck Simulator (ATS) which are formally two different games but the company that produced the two games is the same and, when they are analyzed in details, they look quite similar, although differences are present and make each of them attractive to players. In such a situation, the question that begs which of the two games which are the same type of simulator games is better and attractive to users. One can hardly respond to this question objectively, but the comparison of technical features of the two games and the player experience can reveal advantages and disadvantages of each game and such comparison can help to determine which game is better.

Background of ETS 2 and ATS

ETS 2 and ATS are two games from SCS. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that ETS 2 appeared earlier than ATS and the appearance of ATS was expected by players to be the continuation of ETS 2. This means that many players expected ATS to be the next, new game from SCS that will be the next step in the development of the truck simulator game from SCS. However, ATS turned out to be disenchanting for many players, who had high hopes for a brand new game that would be the next step in truck simulator gaming from SCS. At the same time, the decision of SCS to introduce ATS was the result of the great success and popularity of ETS 2. ETS 2 became one of the most popular simulators, although the truck simulator is a very specific type of simulator which traditionally did not attract many users. This is why the overwhelming success of ETS 2 encouraged the company to introduce the new game, ATS, which though did not become the brand new game but it rather became another version of ETS 2 adapted for the US.

Player experience

Players enjoy both ETS 2 and ATS. Even though both ETS 2 and ATS are truck simulators, they provide players with quite different experience of driving trucks and the environment, where they play. One of the distinct differences of ATS from ETS 2 is the size of trucks and their physics. The trucks are longer and players really notice the front axle being way in front of the driver’s seat in American trucks compared to European ones available to players in ETS 2, where they seat too far in front and, in a way, higher compared to ATS trucks. Trucks are also very different because base versions of ATS and ETS 2 offer absolutely different trucks with in a way different physics. ATS uses traditional American trucks which are different from European trucks used in ETS 2. The difference in the physics is the most obvious in steering trucks since making turns in ATS is different from making turns in ETS 2 because of the less return movements needed from the player. The choice of engines and transmissions is more diverse in case of ATS compared to ETS 2. The transmissions have more gears, and the engine (Jake) brakes are louder. The freeways and highways feel longer, since cities are fewer and further apart. The map itself is a bit smaller than ETS 2’s base one, but not by much. It does have less roads overall. These are the major differences players experience once they decide to try ATS after ETS 2 which is often the case because ETS 2 appeared much earlier compared to ATS. Nevertheless, both games bring quite positive experience to players.

Game mechanics and technical features

The game mechanics and technical features are probably the most disappointing for ETS 2 fans because ATS is definitely not a leap forward in the development of the truck sumulater game engine from SCS. Instead, the company uses virtually the same engine, game mechanics and the key technical features of ATS are similar to ETS 2. To put it more precisely, the ATS’ has the same engine, same UI, pretty much runs the same in 64-bit. ETA: ETS 2 can be ran in 32-bit mode for compatibility on 32-bit systems. If players have a 64-bit PC with more than 4 GB of RAM, they will get better framerates running in 64-bit mode. This may or may not account for why ATS runs noticeably better but it depends on the capacity of the PC or computer used to play the game since the powerful gaming computer performs ETS2 well enough and similar to ATS, while less powerful and non-gaming PCs may provide less fruitful experience to users from playing ETS 2 compared to ATS.

Game world

However, the disenchantment with the game engine, mechanics and technical features of ATS are compensated by the game world which makes the game quite different from ETS 2. ATS base game map is about the same size as the base-game ETS2 map, maybe give or take a little, but ETS2 has multiple DLCs going for it as well as ProMods so in general ETS2 has more map size. This is why the ETS 2 map may be and is larger if DLCs are used. However, ATS has very different and more picturesque environment and weather, including better and more picturesque change of the night and day. In terms of improvements, ATS is seen more as another version of ETS2 in the United States, rather than a “successor” of ETS2. A lot of differences, obviously, but not really improvements in any sense which could have made ATS a brand new truck simulator. Nevertheless, ATS has its unique, authentically American environment compared to ETS 2.


Thus, ETS 2 and ATS are two truck simulator games from one and the same company. SCS, which represent basically one and the same game because ATS is not a new game but rather another version of ETS 2 adapted to the US background because the game has the same engine and similar mechanics and technical features. However, the atmosphere of ATS is different along with different trucks and map as well as gameplay and the game world. This is why ATS takes its niche in the gaming market being oriented on fans of trucking, who want to have American experience, instead of ETS 2 which is oriented on  the traditional European trucking experience with European trucks that are quite different from American ones. Nevertheless, both games are successful, while ETS 2 is probably more recognized and popular but such difference is, to a significant extent, the result of much earlier release of ETS 2 compared to the release of ATS.

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