Protection Of Wild Lands In Australia In “War In The Wilderness” Article Review

War in the  Wilderness written by Van Tiggelen in 2007 investigates complex relations in the sphere of protection of wild lands in Australia.  The author studies the conflict between aboriginal population and The Wilderness Society.

Civilization brings a lot of positive changes, but, at the same time, it also may also have negative effects. Rapid economic development and industrialization have negative impact on the surrounding.  Technological progress exhaust natural resources, pollutes the environment and endangers different spices of plants an animals. These processes are common for different parts of the world, and Australia did not become an exception. Technological progress threatens unique nature of Cape York. Unfortunately, this is not the only problems, which exists in the region.

Van Tiggerlen in this article describes withstanding which exists because of wild lands in Cape York. Cape York is a unique natural place of Australia. Its area makes about 13.7 million hectares. Unique mammals and birds dwell there. Cape York has unique nature with rainforests, shore reefs and other unique natural phenomena.

Aborigines usually stand on defense of natural resources in areas like this. In addition, different organization, which are interested in nature protection also hold strong position aiming to protect natural resources, threatened by industrial development. Usually aborigine and representatives of different nature protection organization unite their effort for the fight. Unfortunately, this does not happen to organizations, who are preoccupied with nature protection in Cape York. The author of the article points out that   The Wilderness Society is one of the most influential “green” organization, which is preoccupied with protection of Cape York.

The author of the article argues that different “green” communities not always represent interests of aboriginal people. In the article he describes negative reaction of aboriginal population to popular festival, organized by the Wilderness Society.  Two days before the festival the greenies got the notification form aboriginal people. The notification claimed their festival was not welcomed. “Your organization, “The Wilderness Society” , has shown considerable disrespect to Aboriginal people on Cape York. Your organization is not welcome at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival” (cited in Tiggelen, 2007,  p. 3). The letter becomes a bright illustration of the problems, which exists in the relation of different green organizations and aboriginal people in Cape York.

The author of the article sheds light to important problem of miscommunication between people, who perused common goals. He also illustrates inner problems, which exist in organizations like Wilderness Society.  The question of nature protection is one of the most important problems of the contemporary society. A lot of people are worried with different negative effects, caused by technological progress on the environment. At this point different green organizations become extremely popular and get considerable support from big amount of people. At the same time, these organizations can turn to different methods, which are not supported by aboriginal population. Such actions have strong negative effect, since it not only brings damage to the environment, but also ruins reputation  of nature protection organizations in general.

The author of the article investigates the reasons of conflict, which emerged between indigenous population and greenies.  Tiggelen describes the history of relations between aborigines, which make major part of the Cape York population, and the Wilderness Society. As he notes, they had harmonious and productive relations in the past, but the situation has changed for the present moment. The author believes that there are several reasons, which contributed to this change. he believes that shift of interests of the Wilderness Society resulted in change of relations between the organization and the local community.

The problem exists till the present moment. The article unveils important problems, which may arise in the case of lack of coordination between nature-protection organizations and aboriginal communities.


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