Why Mercedes Benz CLA250 Should Be Off The Market

Nowadays the choice of the new car is a very important procedure. Constantly there are new models appearing and consumers are doing their best to follow all the news and newcomers of their favorite brands. Mercedes- Benz introduced its CLA –Class model CLA 250. Only a year has passed and there are also significant changes about this model. This is a soft comfort suspension with dual-zone automatic climate control, keyless ignition, which is turned into a kind of standard option today. Another standard option is 7-inch display, whereas there is an option to choose an 8-inch screen. The frontal collision warning system had gone through upgrade so that it is possible to secure earlier brake support in case of potential collision on the road. Irrespective of all the innovations implemented in Mercedes CLA 250, this model is considered to be one of the worst luxury cars.

Mercedes of CLA Class was introduced into masses with fanfare because there appeared the chance to have an entry-luxury car but for more or less tolerant price. Everybody remembers that Super Bowl commercial, when any man would do anything in order to have Mercedes, but then appeared CLA 250 and it turned out that there is no need to do anything possible and impossible in order to get it. Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 appeared and the price of it does not go below $30 000, however, it is equipped in a standard way. At the same time the price of it is still much lower than that of Mercedes C-Class , thus it is easy to close your eyes for several compromises, taking this into consideration, when going to buy a luxury car of entry-level.

This is the cheapest model of Mercedes –Benz, however, it was rated as authentic sedan by the Edmunds “B”. CLA 250 was tested during the year and according to the rests of these tests, the front seats of the car are reported to be rather comfortable for both long trips, as well as everyday trips. The interior surfaces could be appreciated for their high quality. Most of the modern drives do like the Comand interface be clear and easy to cope with, this is exactly the case with this car. “Additional standard equipment for 2015 includes keyless ignition, dual-zone climate control and a 7-inch infotainment screen (a new 8-inch screen is optional). All these upgrades also apply to the CLA45 AMG (which also earns an Edmunds “B” rating), which offers 355 horsepower, standard all-wheel drive and stunning straight-line performance.” (Zhang 2015).

Even if there is a question, whether the consumers will like or will not like this car, still it could be considered to be the most practical car in this segment. The size of the car is rather compact, the roof line is sloping and this leads to the fact that headroom and legroom are rather tight in the rear seat. One of the serious problems, reported about Mercedes cars before was a really stiff ride. This remark was considered in the model of 2015 and the producer chose a more comfortable setup, before there was sport suspension, which now was included to the options. The aim of this was to secure smooth ride even under the condition of not quite perfect road. However, there were not yet enough tests of this revised suspension done. “And although the CLA has an attractively low base MSRP, prices can quickly inflate with just a few basic options, and items you might expect to be standard (like a rearview camera and heated seats) are optional. Meanwhile, the CLA45 AMG isn’t exactly a bargain, with a starting price perilously close to $50,000.” (George 2014).

The fact is that CLA 250 has to face a serious competition from Audi A3, it won the comparison test due to its roomer cabin and less noise produced, as well as refined ride. The cost of Audi is higher, but the product is of higher quality as well. Usually one more car is mentioned as a serious competitor of Mercedes CLA 250, which is Acura ILX. It has a larger backseat and much better price for the start in comparison to CLA 250. “Rivals to the CLA45 AMG include the Audi S3, which we find more practical and luxurious, and the BMW M235i, which is the best-handling car of the three but less useful since it only has two doors. Depending on your priorities, some or all of these rivals may be more appealing, but overall, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is a stylish choice that will satisfy most drivers.” (George 2014).

To sum up the most often mentioned drawbacks of Mercedes CLA 250 by people, who have already tested it for some period of time, it is possible to point out the following:

  • stiff ride  – drivers state that it is possible to feel the road, which is beneath the car and in case some parts of the road are rather rough, then the car becomes noisy. Even the smallest bumps are felt during the drive. Most luckily this problem could be explained by the presence of sports suspension, in addition these could be the 18’’ AMG wheels, which also belong to the sports package and might be important. Even if this point is not decisive, however, it is usually important for most consumers.
  • Harmon Kardon sound system is far not bad, still there is a problem for anybody, who uses any other mobile device apart of iPhone/iPod, as there is no support for those mobile or USB devices.
  • Some drivers experience problems with Bi-Xenon’s, made with dual LED tail light, which is different.
  • Rattling noise is reported by most drivers and testers. Most luckily all cars have this problem. Even if to consider that it is minimal, there is constant rattling sound, coming from the dash of the multimedia screen.
  • There is not enough space in the back part. It is not comfortable for taller people to sit there and in addition this is not actually for five persons, rather for four only. Under the condition that there are only a couple of passengers, then it is ok.
  • The inside materials of CLA look and feel like hard plastic. The center console and air vents are made as if with consideration of costs cutting. Other cars are also made with hard plastic, still it looks of better quality.

Theoretically driving of Mercedes CLA 250 should be comfortable, as on the paper it is mentioned that “The two main engine choices offer decent-ish poke – either a 168bhp diesel or a 120bhp petrol – and they will do 0-62mph in 8.2secs or 9.3secs respectively. The CLA is front-wheel drive.” (George 2014). Although it should not be seen as a drawback, but still it is. The CLA is reported to drive not well and it is neither comfortable nor refined. At the very beginning consumers might be fascinated by sport suspension, as it could lower the car by 15 mm and it would look much more attractive. However, as soon as they realize how stiff the car becomes, nobody wants it any more. “The engines grumble at low revs too much and the twin clutch gearbox makes a politician look decisive. It all adds up to a car that is relying on its badge far too much. And then there’s the AMG version. 355bhp, four-wheel drive traction and still a bit unexciting.” (George 2014).

The outside look of the car is rather neat, the eyeball vents look attractive, the steering wheel adds the sporty look to the car, still the navigation screen is placed too much in the top of the dash and seems to be not in the correct place. The rear seats are really disadvantageous in this car, which is a real bad surprise for a modern car. The coupe line is probably to be blamed for this. The boot is tiny so that it is not possible to talk about practical issues.

Separate attention should be paid to the price of the car. It is claimed to be $29.990, however, there is no chance to purchase Mercedes CLA 250 for this money. “To begin with, this heavily advertised price doesn’t include the mandatory $925 destination charge. Also, most cars will be optioned, like the one I tested, with nav, xenon headlights, a large sunroof, and wood trim. Ignore the optional spoiler ($300) and add metallic paint ($720), and the sticker ends up at $38,870. Want leather in your upscale car? That’ll be another $1,500. All-wheel-drive? Another $2,000” (Zhang 2015). Thus it is more advisable to consider the price of $40 000 for this car.

Mercedes produced CLA 250 as a four-door coupe and not as sedan. Still usually coupes look more stylish and are more practical. Passengers of CLA 250 would have to sit lower and the windows are relatively small. Other sedans could boast with better outward visibility.

Overall, on the basis of financial and technical analysis, considering the reviews from the consumers, who have already tested and used this car, it is possible to conclude that Mercedes CLA 250 is one of the worst luxury cars.

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